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Thread: Help me plan Nina's B'day Party

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    I need help planning Nina's 3rd birthday party. It's not until August, so plenty of time, but I like to plan ahead.
    She's very girlie, loves Disney Princess, Dora, dresses/skirts, favourite colours are pink and purple, loves to dance around like a ballerina. You know, typical girl.
    What kind of theme could I have for her? I don't really want to do a character theme (like Dora or Princess). And there will be some boys coming, so I can't make it too girly.
    Also, can anyone give me some suggestions on cakes as well?


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    I've come into this section too to look for ideas! Ash sounds like Nina, same interests! I was contemplating a McDonalds party but not sure, looking for inspiration!

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    what about come as your favouite disney character? boys can always come as princes or kings... or a N theme where kids have to dress in something starting with a N - for Nina? maybe to young for that, i'm not sure...
    cakes i'm thinking the number 3? pink?
    i'm sorry i'm not much help am new at this myself

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    Jodi .... i so second jamakin's idea with a come dressed as a character starting with "N", that's a brilliant idea ... can even teach them a little bit more about the letter N if you will

    Also i have to say a number ' 3 ' shaped cake always looks fantastic ... i did one for my DD's 3rd birthday this year with a pretty shade of green instead of the usual girly pink, purchased sugar decorative flowers of assorted colours from the local cake shop ... Jodi you could even be adventurous & maybe do a pretty lilac or mauve icing on the cake instead of pink for something different but it still be girly

    We had our DD's party in our huge new garage & bought a couple of boxes of fairy lights (assorted colours) from Bunnings for under $7 a box (i think called coloured buds??) & dangled them from the ceiling. Looked like Fairy land ... And i would have to say Spotlight have a wide range of printed latex balloons to choose from with flowers, fairies, etc on them.

    Oh, and for a girly girl like Nina she absolutely must have the homemade sweet treats "Tea-Cup & Saucer" as they are called (even though they look like pretty coloured cappucino's). Tic Toc Biscuit iced side up (SAUCER) with a Pascall's marshmallow attached with very think icing (CUP), then a freckle attached with icing on top (FROTH) then a half of a musk lifesaver stuck to the side (CUP HANDLE)

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    How exciting! We have just been through party season here! 3 yo parties have generally been from 10.30-12 here, to get the kids before nap time I guess.
    One of the best parties DD went to was a gingerbread man theme - starting with homemade invites. The kids had a quick morning tea - not too much food which was just perfect. They then decorated gingerbread men/ladies with lurid pink/green icing and all sorts of sprinkles/lollies etc. Kids had a play then cake then back outside to run around. It was so simple but the only party the kids were not too overwhelmed.
    Other's had pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs - all were interesting but the kids got the hang of it more than I thought they would. A pinata was also a great success - with help of course.
    Cakes - the number 3 with smartie border was cute, round cake with sprinkle stencilled on using cookie cutters, Disney decal on round sponge (avail at Kmart/Spotlight/Toys R Us) and a square cake with Nick Jnr characters placed on it. Also Pink cake with marshmallows on or freckles always looks beautiful!
    What activities did you want to do? Maybe pick something to tie in with that. A teddy bears picnic is always fun too.
    Enjoy all the fun!

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    You could have a pink party. Get everyone to wear pink. Have pink food and drinks. Heres ideas on pink food. Pink lemonade, angel cakes with pink cream, fairy biscuits with pink icing, pink marshmellows, strawberries plain or dipped in pink chocolate, musk sticks, toblerone dip with pink food colouring, a beetroot dip could be made or brought thats pink and savoury, sweet chilli phille cheese and bickies (more for parents), pink lamingtons, pink creamy soda, watermelon, strawberry milk, cookies with red food colouring to make them pink, pink snack packs (custard stuff), strawberry yoghurt, pink meringues, make pink chips by par boiling potatoes with pink colouring then cut really thin using peeler then spray with oil and bake in oven. pink salad - a tin of whole baby beetroot chopped up, chopped boiled eggs, chopped cheddar cheese & whole egg mayo. pink meringues, little heart shaped ham sandwiches, you can see the ham thru the hole and it looks pink too. pink teacup & saucer treats.
    Have fun

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