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Thread: How to on the cheap???

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    Default How to on the cheap???

    DD will be 1 soon, I am wanting to have a party for her, either in a indoor playcentre or in a park(weather permitting.. grrr)
    . We did a park for DS and had about 30 people or so.. costs at least $500 or so,, for plates forks food, drink cakes, decoratins etc.. was crazy.

    How can we do it cheaper this time.. yes DD is only 1 once,if there was 1 or 100 people she would be fine either way, and not as though she will remember as she will be sleeping I am sure the whole time.

    A playcentre is 10-15or so per child.

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    I'd go for the park as opposed to the playcentre (weather permitting of course).

    Some ways to save money I can think of

    - Do an afternoon/morning tea. Bake most of the food, heaps cheaper than buying. Just get the coles or woolworths brand of flour/sugar etc. You may be able to bake things you can bake in advance and freeze.
    - Get decorations, plates and so on from the $2 shops. A few ballons and some streamers should do the trick. You can even use just napkins instead of plates/forks if everything is bite size.
    - Provide cordial instead of soft drink (will go much further for your buck).
    - Ask people to bring chairs (so you don't have to hire).
    - Make a fruit platter with whatever fruit is in season and on special. Go to your location fruit shop as opposed to the big supermarkets. I just got 1kg of strawberries for $5 yesterday!
    - Cherios are always reasonable, and the kids love them.

    Just some ideas. we are having DS's party in a few weeks with about 40 and I don't plan on spending anywhere near $500.

    Good luck.
    Spring x

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    I'm in the process of planning my DD2's 3rd birthday! She's not had a party yet, so I thought I'd throw her one. We are having it in the par near our house.

    I am in the process of planning food but I am doing an afternoon tea. I will make:

    * dips and carrots, plain rice crackers, celery sticks.
    * fruit platter
    * fairy bread
    * cake
    * some turkey meatballs & sauce dips with toothpicks
    * I'm only supplying water... our oldest daughter can't handle any other drinking without freaking out so its not worth it to us. I'm sure other parents won't mind either!!

    Our party plan so far is to have a craft (they are making robot costumes... DD loves robots). Then we are going on a robot hunt, and maybe pinning something on a robot.

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    Yes I have to agree with the $2 shop, crazy clarks, Go Low.....whatever it's called where you live LOL, there are soooo many. Last time I went there I bought up big on those nice square plastic plates etc as they were sooo cheap, plates, cups, serviettes, platters etc. Also they have things like spinning tops & beads if you want to do party bags, balloons & so on!!!
    Again I agree with making things food much cheaper. Or just have a sausage sizzle, somthing simple.

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    We did Milos at a playcentre, I got one that did a breakfast party, so started at 10am, it was only 8.50 per child and the food was things like has browns, crumpets, pancakes etc
    There were 18 kids there so it cost me $153 plus party bags which were only a couple of $ each max.

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    The best parties I have been to are those that do not go overboard on food, so a few options for the kids and a few for the adults. Keep it simple then nothing gets wasted. A sausage sizzle sounds great too.

    Kids Franksfurts, fruit kebabs and fairy bread. Water to drink.
    Adults, - scones/danish, tea and coffee.

    Then bday cake/cupcakes for all!

    A friend had a brunch party with raisin toast, muesli and fruit.
    Good luck!

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    You could invite people to go to zoo with you (pay there own way) and everyone bring a picnic with them and you just supply cake and lolly bags!!!

    Zoo is great for 1st birthday!!! We only went with the 3 of us though still had a ball

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    OMG $500 - no way!! I've never spent more than $100 (10-15 ppl) so you should well and truly be able to get away with doing a bigger group for $150 or so!!!

    Here's what I do - make up a theme. I buy serviettes with pictures on them but then just get cheap coloured plastic plates (matching or contrasting colour) and cups from The warehouse or go lo or whatever.

    Instead of buying licensed character stuff - I buy several sheets of stickers (on chosen theme) and stick them to cups, party hats etc

    Hats - you can make these yourself using cardboard or just buy cheap plain party ones and decorate themyourself. One year I got the kids to make their own crowns - decorating them with stickers etc - they had a ball.

    Games - think simple like treasure hunts, follow the leader, simon says, and funny races like trying to run with a balloon between your knees. Not every game needs a prize.

    Lollybags - either use decorated cups wrapped in cellophane or you can jazz up your own paper bags. Don't go overboard with the take-home stuff. Kids get that much cr*p from parties etc it stops being special.

    Decorations - I just do balloons and crepe paper streamers in the colours that match my theme. You can have a bit of crepe paper on the table if you want to add to the colour. Lots of balloons are great for a 1 yo party - just buy the helium-grade ones (big w sells them) so they burst on the grass and blow them up yourself with a balloon pump.

    Kids that age really love bubbles. I suggest getting some of those cheap wedding bubble bottles for each of the kids. Never stops being fun.

    Food - simple is best. I usually do 3-4 savory things, plus 3-4 sweet things (including fairy bread of course LOL) plus fruit. IN a park you could get away with appointing an uncle or someone to cook sausages in bread.

    Just remember it's a party - the point is getting together and having FUN.

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    Thank you all so much!

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