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Thread: How to make icing

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    Default How to make icing

    Hi all i was thinking of making a xmas tree shape cake out of sponge but was wondering how to make icing

    any help apreciated

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    What sort of icing would you like? You can buy the roll out sort from the shops like woollies or coles.

    For a Butter Cream icing:

    1 packet pure icing mixture
    100gm butter unsalted is preferred
    2 tbsp milk
    1 tsp vanilla
    food colouring - few drops if you are using queen. You can get amazing results with other colourings, but you have to go to a cooking shop...

    In a mixer put the butter, milk and vanilla in and beat for a short while until well mixed and then sift in the icing sugar. If its too stiff, add another tsp at a time of milk.

    **** for extra special icing you could whipan egg white until its stiff and then fold it through the icing mix***

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