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Thread: Ideas for an elmo themed party

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    Default Ideas for an elmo themed party

    Any ideas for an elmo themed party would be excellent. It is for my 2 year old boy and would love to do something creative!

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    Elmo cupcakes! If you google them I've seen some that look so cute

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    Maybe everyone can wear red as well

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    Ooh, how fun! what a great theme. I remember DD watching Elmo's World, didn't he start off by saying "Hi everybody" ? You could do your own invitations and start them off like that maybe? "Hi everybody... xxxx is having an Elmo party"
    If invites are for kids and parents, you could address it to the kids and add that big monsters are welcome too? or vice versa?

    Maybe draw or paint a pic of Elmo's face, along with a seperate piece for his nose and play "Pin the nose on Elmo" If you were going to play a game like that?

    Print off some pictures of Elmo for the kids to colour in? something fun to do.

    I think Wilton do a Elmo cake tin, it's of his face. Ebay, or try spotlight, I've seen wilton tins in there too.

    If you don't want to get plates and cups etc, with elmo all over them, just buy things in Elmo cups, yellow napkins, plates, balloons, streamers..etc.. If you were able to get elmo stickers you could stick them on some plastic cups for the kids?

    Do a banner up to say "Elmo is soo happy to see you" instead of happy birthday! or add it to an invite to say, Elmo and xxxx will be so happy to see you at xxxx's birthday party..

    Will try to think of some more things and come back later typing one handed with DS is proving to be a little difficult at the moment lol!

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    im doing an elmo party for my DD2's 2nd birthday too
    so far i have gotten some great elmo fabric from spotlight for a table cloth - am making elmo cupcakes & elmo birthday cake
    am thinking of making an elmo pinata (for the older cousins) just papier mache a balloon & paint it red with elmo's features
    will come back if i think of anything else

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    Great Ideas Nic - I am going to steal them for DS's birthday in July . The only thing I have to add is that Coles sells the Elmo paper plates, cups etc.

    Have fun!

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    WOW, i am truly blown away by your suggestions ladies Thanks so much. The table cloth idea is awesome, will be doing that. The colour theme is great too and I will be adding the wording to the invitations. I'm getting really excited now! I love the idea of pin the nose on elmo game. It is going to be so much fun. The elmo cupcakes sound great, though I don't know if I trust myself to do an elmo cake. I'll have to check out the elmo cups at Coles.

    I'll pop back on if I think of other things too

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    Maybe have a look in Spotlight - in the party section...i was there the other day and seen they have heaps of different themes in every party item you would need. I can't remember specially seeing Elmo, but I know they had every other character, so I'm sure there would have to be Elmo.

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    Yes Spotlight have alot of elmo stuff in party section, they pinyatas (sp), balloons, plates, cups etc. Can be all a little too expensive to get everything i guess. Maybe just a couple of elmo balloons and the rest red. Tablecloth is a great idea.

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    Jan, Was thinking a little more..depending on how arty you are feeling, you could make the invites in the shape of Elmo's face. Print a face off the net (should hopefully have no problems finding something) and transfer it to some red cardboard, cut out white eyes etc.. and glue on. Make it so the invites opens up with the wording inside. Or just put it on the back.

    Another elmo face thing you could do is make the face, cut out white cardboard for his eyes, orange for the nose etc.. and let the kids decorate their own face and turn them into party masks with a hole in each side and some elastic?

    Definately some sticker if you can find some, and put them in some goodie bags. you could put stickers on the goodie bags too, or on some bottles of bubbles too.


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