thread: Ideas for kids party "lolly" bags

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    Jan 2007
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    i just made thomas' party bags for his party today. all the kids have a freddo, box of sultanas and a fruit stick. plus two small sheets of stickers, pack of snap cards, party blower, a container of bubbles and the boys got two large toy soldiers and the girls got 3 bangles and a really pretty hair scrunchie. plus i have a pack of modelling clay with shapes for each child. all up for 14 children it cost $50. i got everything in packs from our local $2 shop......

    to me that gives them healthy and one special food item plus alot of entertainment. something thats not going to end up a sticky mess in the car on clothes and in hair...

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    This is such a great thread - i hate being handed sugar and e number loaded bags at parties - have made my list and will go shopping tomorrow for Oscar's party bags

    Julie x

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    Does anyone have any more ideas for party bags for 1 year old birthday party? I wasn't going to worry about it as I thought they were too young, but after reading this thread I am rethinking this decision. Sorry to take over thread.

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    We did animal castanets for my sons first birthday. They were cheap from a website called speckled freckle. The lady wrapped them in clear bags with ribbon and they were gorgeous.

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    Don't forget play dough is a great bag filler too. It even comes in tiny party sized containers, I think in packs of 10.

    Those little magnetic drawing pads with the peel back plastic to clear the screen are fun too.

    These obviously aren't for one year olds though... sorry.

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    What about temporary tattoos. Do the kids like those? What age up to would you give playdo?

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    I gave a pop-top popper, a thing of bubbles and if they were under 1, a rusk. Over 1, a vegemite rusk biscuit thing. The eldest who came was 6. Coz she was the eldest by a few years, she got hair bands instead of a rusky thing.

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    For Ds birthday we put in mini tubs of playdough (we got them in a bulk pack of 20 tubs) and bubble blowers as well as extra pinarta toys and a little note to say thank you

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    I'm doing Juliette's this week & have come up with some good ideas from other ones we've been given. I'm adding in to the little kids ones Baby Mum Mums (like rusks) and fruit poles

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    Some great tips in this thread! For DD's first birthday, we didn't have any kiddy bags, but this year we will definitely.

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    THANK YOU!! i was planing on putting in a little bottle of bubbles and lollies, but after thinking about it, all the party food and pinata contenss would be a huge sugar over load and i know some of my aunts would hate for lollies to be taken home to!!(as would i, whoops!) now re-doing my party bag filler list! bubbles and sticky note pads stickers and pencil to start.... thank you!!

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    Great thread, I'm making DS's soon too, guess I'll have to wait till the kids RSVP.

    For his first birthday, I did lollys, bad mummy but most of the adults ate them.

    Some GREAT ideas

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    I made THESE yesterday instead of bags!!

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    I wish i had seen this thread b4 DD's birthday.
    I made 'bug catchers' for her 'in the garden party' filled it with a little magnifying glass, mini bug erasers, butterfly hair clips for girls, jumping frogs for boys, plastic snakes and lizards all little bits n pieces.

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    there was a lady at the Healesville Market who had little craft bags to use as party bags. I think the one we bought DD (you can buy just one) was about $5. She loved making her "jewelery"! She has a website but the name of the business escapes me at the moment... Hmmmm...will try to clear the cobwebs from my brain...