thread: Lego themed birthday party - need ideas!

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    Lego themed birthday party - need ideas!

    DS1 has decided he wants a lego themed birthday party at home, I have just over 8 weeks to organise it.

    Wondering if you could help me out with ideas on what to do for games etc, decorations, party food, any ideas at all really!

    DS1 has a bucket load of lego, which is all sorted into colour coded draws in a big trolley type thing, so I'm thinking I might put the draws out on the playmat along with the smaller set plans and let them go for it for a while, but I also want a few structured things to do.

    I've already sourced a lady who will do a lego head cake for $50 so that's sorted!

    Hit me with your ideas!

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    If you have a Lego head (big storage unit) you can play pin the tongue on the head. And use it as a tool for storing little prizes.

    Egg and spoon race with a Lego egg. They are hard to keep on a spoon. Make a Lego egg can be the first activity.

    I will be back later with more.

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    Dec 2006

    If you look through my FB photos, DSs last birthday (and only ever proper party!) was lego themed.
    We just bought the bright coloured plates (blue green yellow red) just like lego. We had lego moulds of little lego men and blocks which you can apparently put jelly in and make little jelly figures. Or melt crayons too apparently.
    I printed homemade invites and thank yous which were a lego man off the internet which DS coloured in.
    I had a stack of yellow balloons but we had it at the park and they got all twisted and turned into a big mess, so instead of having them all around the place they were in one big bundle. Balloon fail.

    I can send you a link to the lego man that we printed.
    I sent my lego moulds off to a bber literally yesterday. If you wanted, she'd probably be happy to send them to you as well.

    I don't know how Martha Stewart you are, but our party for DS was simple and they all had fun.

    Officeworks actually had some lego party favours etc, but we only found them a few weeks after the party!

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    Oct 2008

    For party favours, I know a lady who makes different shapes made out of soap. I used her for Moo's last birthday and the kids loved having their very own soap! I have seen her Lego themed soaps so if you're interested PM me

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    DS had a lego party this year too!
    We did pin the head on the lego man (I printed out a large lego man cutout of yellow, blue and red papers and stuck it on craft board, and then heads for them to stick on with double sided tape), I also used poster board and a huge head which I stuck lollypops into, and then coloured the ends of three. They took turns to pick one, and the ones that pulled the coloured ones got a prize. We also did a lego man hunt. Duplo people for the kids 4 and under and little lego men for the older kids. Once they found one they had to find DH who had their loot for their party bags.
    I made bickies with Nice biscuits and royal icing/smarties to look like lego blocks
    I did have two huge lego setups for kids to build with while the others arrived, but my own kids were the only ones interested lol.
    There's a tonne of ideas on pinterest, but some of them were too complex for littler kids.

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    Remind me later. Have found some great blogs with party ideas. Will send you links when I'm on laptop

    And yes, if you need I can forward you the stuff Lenny mentioned

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    I'm planning a Batman Lego party for my DS. I got some sealed minifigures on ebay much cheaper than in store (second hand but still sealed). I'll be using them as party favours or prizes instead of lollies. I have been spending lots of time on pinterest! Lots of great ideas on there.

    Some things I'm thinking of - printing batman lego pics off the internet, laminating them and hiding them around the yard for a treasure hunt. Kids can keep the pictures. Maybe give minifigures as a prize. I'm also thinking of using an internet pic for the invites and doing something up at home.

    Slip & slide & paddle pool just because it's summer lol.

    Lots of bright primary colours for decorations as someone's already mentioned.

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    will pm you a link to a rather over the top lego party blog post (from an expense perspective) - she went all out - but she has some pretty cool ideas for games so may be worth looking

    things i've seen elsewhere include:
    - who can build the tallest lego tower in set time - heats and then final, with small lego prize
    - pin the lego in the gap in the lego wall - basically a wall mural with lots of lego blocks on it and a gap in it which is where they need to pin the spare piece

    my brain is running a blank now though - i'll see what other links i have and pm you!

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    i saw a fantastic lego cake...seemed simple enough as it was a rectangle shape with little circles on top and covered in bright colour of choice. look fab!

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    Sep 2008

    DS had a Lego Party this year, I will make the piccies public for a while so you can have a look

    Jaycee, let me know when you've had a look and I'll make it private again

    Games we played were 'Pin the head on the Lego Man' and we had a Lego inspired Pass the Parcel

    PS. I got all the plates, serviettes, cups etc from ToysRus

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    Thanks everyone for the awesome ideas, I've got plenty to research now!!

    Naomi, thanks for letting me have a squiz at the pics, you did a fabulous job with the cake!

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    I think you should put bits of lego on the lounge room floor, blindfold all the guests, and have a recording of a crying baby coming from the kitchen. They have to get through the lounge to the kitchen without piercing their feet on lego.

    Video the whole thing, and perodically watch it while drinking wine for the next 15 years.

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    I think you should put bits of lego on the lounge room floor, blindfold all the guests, and have a recording of a crying baby coming from the kitchen. They have to get through the lounge to the kitchen without piercing their feet on lego.

    Video the whole thing, and perodically watch it while drinking wine for the next 15 years.
    OMIGOD you are hilarious PN

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    Oct 2013

    Wrap juice boxes with coloured paper to look like Lego bricks.
    One of the DIY cake kit places has a Lego cake kit. Either mumma cake or cake 2 the rescue.
    Use yellow plates and cups, use a marker pen to draw faces on them.

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    I just looked at a blog with lego-party ideas. Not sure if I can post the link, but maybe you can just google the blog- 'tipjunkie'. There are some pretty cool, easy to do ideas.

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    You could do a treasure hunt in the garden, with individual pieces of lego for the guests to find (just have a stash to top up in case some if the guests are hopeless finders LOL).

    Also, you can hire Giant lego from some party places.

    And I reckon square or rectangular cakes with 4 or 8 mini smarties would look very lego-ish. Or you could do rectangular mini-pizzas with 4 or 8 round bits of kebana or sausage in the right place too.

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    Have to sub as there are great ideas and DS is soooo obsessed with Lego I can imagine he'll be asking for a Lego party next birthday

    Jelly with Lego people in the middle.
    Building comp where each kid gets a pile of Lego and has to build a...tower, car, whatever...
    Mini kits instead of loot bags. Yay, no lollies!
    Decorating Lego-style would be my fave part! I'm sure you can print Lego Men/heads and tape to streamers to use as bunting, tiny Lego pics with a hole punched top and bottom for straws, small round Lego pics on toothpicks to stick into cupcakes/quiches/sausage rolls...

    Now I wish it was DS' birthday now...

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    May 2007

    I chocolate dipped marshmallows in yellow chocolate, then stuck a yellow m&m on top of that. Then used writing icing to draw on the face, and we had little Lego heads .