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Thread: Park Suggestions for DD's 1st Birthday

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    Default Park Suggestions for DD's 1st Birthday

    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for a nice park in Melbourne (North & East) for my DD's 1st birthday. I would like an area that has a wet weather option - ie rotunda. I liked the look of Alexander Gardens in Kew but they do not permit alcohol! Does anyone have any suggestions for a park where I can reserve a section, and permits alcohol. Doesn't really need a BBQ area as I am thinking of getting it catered - any ideas would be great!

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    Hay's Paddock in Kew is great, and is fenced off so makes it easier to keep track of the little ones. No idea about permits etc though.

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    I'm not sure if you can reserve the area, but Jells Park in Wheelers Hill has a big undercover area really close to one of the play areas. I went there a few weeks ago and someone had decorated it in balloons, etc. for a party. It is quite large and would fit a lot of people. I have no idea whether alcohol is permitted or not though.

    Good luck finding a venue!

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