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Thread: Christian Denominations

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    Interesting and good to see the differences and see what everyone is doing...

    We've just become part of a new community!

    What denomination are you? I'm not sure I suppose that makes us non denominational... no I'm sure the church is affiliated with Churches of Christ, but they don't talk about it. Me, myself.. I don't like the whole denominational vibe thing, the whole labeling thing. I guess I like to go into a church and see what each community is like rather than check out the "Luthern" church, ykwim? We used to go to a Baptist church, than an AOG they were vastly different but both had a heart for community and looking beyond ourselves. So that was what drew us to them.

    What differentiates your Church from others? Our new one is so refreshing to us. Its very... ummm... real? Very relaxed. Very much talking as if you were at home talking to each other. There is an importance put on relationships, with each other and outside. A theme going is "They will know who I am by your love for each other"

    What do you like about your Denomination/Church? See above . I do like the music, they have started writing their own music and do a mix of modern music and the occasional tweeked hymn.

    Is there anything you don't like? Nope. Not yet I hate gossip and judgement, but I avoid it. I haven't felt anything here, or seen anything, so that is wonderful.

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    What denomination are you? Baptist (associated with Queensland Baptists formerly known as the Baptist Union of Queensland).

    What differentiates your Church from others? I think we believe what most other evangelical christian churches believe - baptist or not. There are some subtle differences like we believe in adult baptism and only do baby dedication. I think what makes the baptist churches different from other denominations is the way the church is structured. Each church within Queensland Baptists is autonomous - the members of each church make all the decisions, we decide which pastor to call, the members own and upkeep the church property (if there is one), ministry undertaken by the church is decided by the members.

    What do you like about your Denomination/Church? I love the people in my church! I have grown up in the church and know them all quite well. They are like a really big family. When we got married there were over 400 people who turned up just to watch the ceremony. There is always someone interested in us and what we are doing.

    Is there anything you don't like? Not really about the church itself - some of the day to day functioning stuff (like use of the cry room/nursery) leaves a bit to be desired, but it is not much to complain about really.
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    I was raised in the Catholic Church, but over the years lost my faith as I found it hard to relate Catholic teachings with modern day life. Recently however I am discovering other demoninations and have visited a couple of different Churches, hoping to find one I love and stay there for a long time!

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