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    how do I go about getting my children christened? DP was christened into the anglican church, (I am church of england)
    We are both non practising but I would like to get my children christened and then aloow them to choose their faith when they are older.

    Do I just go to the local anglican church and enquire there?
    Can I get them both christened on the same day?


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    Quote Originally Posted by clare076 View Post
    Do I just go to the local anglican church and enquire there?
    Can I get them both christened on the same day?
    I am going to say yes and yes.. I am catholic although not practising.. I had DS2 and Ds3 done on the same day...

    I just got my mum ( who sort of goes) to ring the priest and go from there..

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    Hi Clare, there's a few threads about Christenings and how/why it's done I'll see if I can find a link for you.

    From my experience Christenings are often viewed as welcomings into a particular church community. Some Ministers prefer that you attend at least a few services because part of the ceremony is that you are promising to guide you child toward knowing God.

    Our minister says that he can't 'refuse' a couple who would like to have their child Christened but i can tell he wonders why they make this request if they don't 'practice'.

    If you would like to have you child Christened then yes, I guess just ask your local minister. You might be able to have them Christened on the same day. Before a Christening service the minister may want to meet with you a few times to talk about how you would like it done and to familiarise your child with the water/font/church (this is what our minister does).

    Regarding allowing them to "choose their faith when they are older". They probably won't choose any faith unless you guide them in some way or at least display some kind of spirituality yourself. I also believe that children need spiritual guidance in their lives as children just as much as adults to. They will want to know what to believe if, say, a close friend or relative passes away. This is why i like to share my beliefs with my children a little each day. When they are older i really don't care what they end up believing just as long as they are comfortable with spirituality... comfortable about entering a church, or a synagogue, or a mosque, or a temple... whatever. And that comfort doesn't just happen... it's dependant on us as parents to say "this is ok". Left to their own devices they will grow up uncomfortable entering these places because it's simply outside their comfort zones IYKWIM. My DH is like this. Never entered a church as a child... feels uncomfortable in them now. He wants to be able to feel comfortable but it's all just so foreign...

    These are just my thoughts... i don't mean to push my beliefs onto anyone.

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    For christenings you would get in contact with your local church, unless you would prefer to have it done somewhere else i.e cathedral. The local priest can still perform the service for you. Your children can always change their minds when they are older about their religious choice and change faiths if that is what they want. i thought that Anglican & CofE are the same as i am CofE and thats what my mum said - mind u she's been known to get wrong at times
    At the end of the day do what you think is right choice that's all we can do as parents

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