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Thread: How did you become a Christian?

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    Tan, I am in a similar position with my childhood church - the one my mother still attends (but didn't when she made me LOL) - but because I don't feel like I'm staying away for any reason other than I live hundreds of miles away I don't feel judged, I just know everyone loves me and is happy to see me (and DS - probably more DS now).

    I was thinking last night about my Christian journey - to think I was confirmed with my mother and the confirmation classes we both attended was the only time in the week she would speak civilly to me! Just crazy. Thankfully things have changed now, but only with a lot of help from God.

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    Tanstar, thank you for sharing. I know all too well that feeling of having over-shared, but I do really appreciate you joining me in feeling that little bit more exposed and vulnerable.

    The shame of not having lived a pure life is immense. Being able to forgive myself was probably one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome. In the end, there were a few things I had to realise... Jesus died for my sins - all of them. Being jealous of other people, telling fibs to my parents, sleeping around - they are all sins, and ALL can be forgiven, one isn't worse than the others in any way, especially not in God's eyes. The other thing, and this was the huge one - if the almighty, all powerful, all knowing God of EVERYTHING could see His way through to forgiving me, then who was I to hold out and refuse to forgive myself? I'm no more guilty of sin than any other person, no more deserving of forgiveness than any body else, but if God could do it, then so could I. I tend to take a similar philosophy when I'm struggling to forgive someone else - if God can do it, what right do I have to deny them my forgiveness? I wouldn't say it's always easy, though.

    I suspect I'm getting just as rambly - but there's quite a few thoughts bubbling through my head at different times. This sharing your testimony is a pretty dangerous thing, I think.

    ETA: Tanstar, I so desperately wanted to give you some reputation points for your courage in telling your story, but the system won't let me! I'll fix that as soon as I can.

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    they are all sins, and ALL can be forgiven, one isn't worse than the others in any way, especially not in God's eyes. The other thing, and this was the huge one - if the almighty, all powerful, all knowing God of EVERYTHING could see His way through to forgiving me, then who was I to hold out and refuse to forgive myself
    Exactly right hun, although its so hard isn't it. I find that I get to a point where I forgive myself for some pretty huge mistakes, but then its a case of forgive but you NEVER forget and it can be hard to move forward. I try to focus on the future though and the fact that I cant change what has been - but I CAN change my future! I can make choices that will cause me hopefully to look back and say, I am GLAD I made that choice in my life. Mmmmm getting all of this out has been so therapeutic and I find writing it down helps clarify thoughts in my own head about everything.

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    My story isn't really interesting.
    When I was little my family went to church every week and I went to Sunday school. Then when my parents divorced we stopped going for some reason. I'm so glad that we did go though because I always had a belief in God and didn't really question it. Then when I was in highschool and we started to learn about evolution, etc, I got really confused and didn't know what to believe. When I left school I started to research it and now I definately know what I believe My family don't go to church but I know they all believe in God and they would consider themselves Christians.
    One thing I remember when i was little is when my Pop had a heart attack, I remember I wrote a letter to God and Jesus asking them to make him better and sent it up in a balloon, lol. Having God in my life always made me feel better/comforted and I think really helped when my parents were divorcing. I will definately be bring my kids up to know God.

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    Wonderful thread BW.

    I've also shared bits and pieces of my story through-out BB. I don't have the strength to share my whole story. Basically I entered the house of God by the back door. I have looked into the eyes of people filled with hate. I acknowledged evil before goodness. because I discovered that evil exists in the world it made sense to me that there was something "opposite". There was a time in my life that I developed an overwhelming need to learn more about that "opposite". I intuitively knew that if I didn't then life could get very very bad.

    I was initially turned off the idea of becoming a Christian because I subscribed to all the propaganda that Christians are all do-gooders and deluded by a fear of death etc. Then I discovered the writings of C.S Lewis and he put different ideas in my head. He asks you to examine the stereotypes and see the hidden agendas. Little things like how people see images of the devil as this "comic little fellow in red tights" all serve to help us dismiss the reality of him. (refer to C.S Lewis' the Screwtape Letters in which a trainee demon is tutored by his superior on the methods of securing a human soul). If we can be convinced that God/angels/Christians are non-attractive stereotypes and that the devil is just a funny little guy with a wicked sense of humour then we will be kept well away from God.

    How often are stereotypes actually the opposite of reality? I don't see angels as soft, delightful feathery creatures. I see them as totally [email protected] soliders. Nearly every time they are referred to in the bible they are associated with feelings of extreme fear within the humans they contact... they are always saying "don't be afraid!" So where has the wimpy and fragile imagery come from? I sense a scam.

    Anyhow, very off topic.

    I just wanted to add that I also totally agree that the notion of "letting your children decide" what faith they are going to follow when they grow up is misguided. They need to know what exactly they are dealing with. They need spiritual guidance just as much as an adult. There are eternal truths that have got nothing to do with choice anyhow. As a parent you need to help your child understand these truths. There is good and there is evil... period. A child deserves to understand the underlying natures of good and evil and this leads back to faith whether you like it or not. Man did not invent good and evil. It just "is" and THAT has got nothing to do with "choice" so you need to be able to understand them. I'm not sure if I'm making much sense.

    I'll update when I work out a succinct manner of expressing my thoughts.

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    Bath, that was great. So well said
    And I would love to hear more of your story
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow girls! I'm loving this thread!

    It's so great to find so many other christians on this site (sometimes you feel like you are the only one) Thankyou all so much for sharing you stories I know for some it was incredibly hard!

    My story is one that I've never thought was worth sharing in that it's quite boring. I've come to learn over the last few months that it's actually a great testimony to God's great faithfulness, and also to the power of prayer. I was brought up in a christian home and not just my home, I have a huge heritage of wonderful christians (grandparents, aunts and uncles, great aunts and uncles etc.) I have always gone to church, I went to a christian school I have 2 brothers and a sister all are christians and are married to christians.

    I am so thankful to my parents for being so consistent in their words and actions, to my extended family who have prayed for me every day of my life. To the school that my parents sacrificed alot to be able to send me for providing me with a safe place to be a christian and for the amazing friends I met there.

    Once leaving school I headed to uni and lived in college which was a bit of a culture shock. But even while there God provided, My wonderful school friends on my first weekend there arrived to help me settle in, they had researched churches in the area and found one they thought would suit me and took me along so that I wouldn't have to walk in alone! There I met another great friend who happened to be in my degree and also in most of my tutorials I also met a family who took me in as their own took me on family holidays gave me a job in their buisness where I met my wonderful husband (most people who worked in that place were also christians).

    I guess it sounds like my life has been really cruisey (sp?) and I guess it has, the thing I'm learning at the moment is that it has had nothing to do with me (I'm sure I would have stuffed it up) It is all because God is faithful, He has been faithful to the thousands of prayer made on my behalf. It has made me realise how important it is to pray for our children and to not only teach them about God but to show them God through the way we live and treat others.

    All you girls have the most amazing testimonies and we can all learn from each one, anything that has happened in our lives God can turn around for good. We are all in need of forgiveness no matter how bad we think our sin is, it's all the same to God. It says in the bible that He will remember our transgressions no more. Please don't let the things you have done in the past hold you back, it's just the devil trying to bring you down, you are forgiven and that's all that matters.

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    Hi all. I've only just noticed that Belly Belly has this Christian forum! FANTASTIC! I've loved reading your stories. Mine is so similar. Isn't it amazing that people from all walks of life can come to the same place? One thing i'd like to put out there though, is for those of you who have had MC's and stillbirths, how did you find people in your church or community dealt with it? I've been a Christian for a long time, then had a few years away and then came back. I know what Christians and churches can be like, but it's my place and i love God. That can't be changed. God is always there - even when you don't want Him to be! Though my hubby and i had a MC in dec last year. We have no health probs but took 6 months to fall preg. Then i MC at 11 weeks. Some people were great and others freaked out. It was like i was a leper!! It's been almost 3 months now and someone has told me im not grieving properly. Im not sure what that means? I dont hate God. I was angry with Him at first but i think MC is part of life. I miss my bubba. That won't change. But i dont want to jump back into it straight away either. I want to feel God's peace a bit more before i start on that journey again! Basically, im terrified of it happening again! But im not sure if my expectations of my church community are too high. I expect help and support and love despite how uncomfortable it makes them. What are your thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HH Mama View Post
    I expect help and support and love despite how uncomfortable it makes them. What are your thoughts?
    Mwahahahahahaha. Help and support from people in the Church? No, judgement and shunning all the way. Sorry, I'm a bit bitter as to how the christians in a Church can be sometimes (as opposed to the Christians). I am really upset for you, don't get me wrong, but I have come not to expect too much from people in a Church as they can be very hurtful. And should learn to express that in a less cruel manner, I agree.

    What would Jesus do? He would help you, He would unconditionally support and love you. What would those who claim to follow Him do? Sadly, not that. Maybe I'm too cynical about this, but there are those in a Church who, rather than asking how best to serve, plough ahead with what they want instead of what God wants. People who hurt you with words are not serving God and maybe could do with a gentle nudge from the clergy that praying before they speak is a good idea.

    Bah, you don't have children and you're not doing it right for some christians, you do have children and you're still doing it wrong for others. At least when you tell the Christians about it they're upset for you.

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    HH Mama - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss . That must have been devastating for you. I haven't been through your situation (I have had an early m/c though), but yes I agree, the church should be there to offer you love and support during this time. I hope there are some people at your church who have been there for you. Unfortunately you will find in the church and in life in general that there are people who just don't know what to say or do. A lot of people have no understanding of what you are going through and probably don't realise the huge impact it can have when it happens to you.

    Have you spoken to a leader in your church about what you are going through? If they are aware of your situation they really should be supporting you right now.

    I'm sorry you have had a lack of support and some insensitive comments . Please know that God cares deeply about your situation and if you trust in Him, he will give you the love, support and healing you need. I think that we will always be disappointed in the church in some ways throughout life as long as there are people in it! But if you have a firm relationship with God, you will find He will never leave you and will always provide you with what you need.
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    How? Evengelical Dating

    I was interested in a guy (now DH) and couldn't figure out what made him so different. It turns out it is GOD. I was about 24 and DH told me he wasn't interested in dating me as I had 3 strikes against me:
    1. divorced parents
    2. Not a virgin
    3. Not a Christian

    So because he wasn't interested I was all the more interested. He invited me to church and we spent many a long night discussing Christ and the church.

    Oh, and in help dealing with the m/c's there were several women who really stepped up and were always read to listen. And this was in a new church as we had just moved and then 3 m/c in about 7 months. I could have felt more alone than ever but God provided people to check up on me when I needed it.
    At the time we went to a church where everyone grew up in the church. It was quite a shock to them when they asked me where my parents went to church and I said "They don't" They didn't know what to do. Over time you settle in and your other life seems to be exactly than someone else's life.
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    Thanks all. I totally agree with what you're saying. Unfortunately, churches are full of people and people always have the propensity to disappoint. If anything, it's made me turn to God more instead of leaning on others around me. But i have moments of thinking, "Gosh, maybe they're right - maybe i AM a leper!!" Crazy i know. Thanks for all your support and i'll keep ploughing through.
    I have spoken to my minister about it and it's his family (who are also leaders in the church) that have been the issue so he's keeping an arms length. I'm just doing my darndest not to get bitter about it all! For the most part, people think i should be over it and it's all forgotten. On the other hand, there are a few people who then say that they think i've lost the plot for some reason..... ahhh, churches!! What must God be thinking about it all??!!

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