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Thread: Article on Circumcision from a sexual-function perspective

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    Default Article on Circumcision from a sexual-function perspective

    I found this article on the Peaceful Parenting blog and boy did it make for some interesting reading peaceful parenting: How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life it certainly gives you some more food for thought, especially if anyone is undecided on this issue.

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    Thanks for that link!

    DP and I have already decided that if we have a boy we will NOT be subjecting him to circumcision. Our reasons were as follows.

    1. DP is au naturele, and we like it that way. 2. Our little one would be the same as daddy and not have to feel like they are 'different' or 'weird'. 3. We believe it's cruel and extremely painful. 4. DP believes it increases sexual pleasure, and after that article I am inclined to agree. 5. It's unneccesary, and we wouldn't mutilate a girl's genitals so why do it to a boy?

    Anyway all of this is just our opinion..... I'm not condemning anyone who does prefer to circumcise....... it's just SO not for us. My nephews were done and it was the saddest thing I ever saw. I remember seeing their sore little winkies during nappy changes and seeing their discomfort and just thinking 'why?!'. I want my little boy (if it is a boy) to be complete, and at the risk of sounding creepy, to enjoy full function of his er, bits when he's a man! LOL.

    Thanks again!

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    Great article Trillian. We never even looked at circumcision but this article was an interesting read and I'm glad we had already decided against it... IN fact we didn't even rally discuss it, it was just assumed that we would never do that to our baby. I bet man men reading that article wished that they had not been circumcised!

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