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Thread: CIRCUMCISION - Doctors on the Gold Coast who perform it?

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    Default CIRCUMCISION - Doctors on the Gold Coast who perform it?

    Does anyone know if any doctors in the public health system provide circumcision within the Gold Coast / Brisbane area?

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    hi seventh heaven

    sorry i am not in qld, am in victoria, but i do believe it would be the same up there. it is near on impossible to find a doctor in the public system to peform circumcision, you generally need to get it done privately. we asked around alot before our ds was born and when he was born we asked our ob/gyn to recommend one. we were private and were able to get the doctor to come into the hospital to perform it. my cousin recently had her baby public and i gave her the name of the doc that did my ds and she went to his clinic to get it done.

    so i guess just try and ask around as much as you can to find one, good luck

    oh and the op was covered by medicare

    hope you find answers to your query

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    Im in Sydney so cant help you, but we just went to our GP who gave us a referral and gave us a few numbers to call... so your GP might be the one to ask... you need a referral anyways.

    btw.. i dont think you can get it done publicly anymore, not many doctors will do it.
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    there is a dr Micheal Tracey in southport. He has been doing it for years and years! Heard he was retiring soon but he is listed.. let me know if u need number. BTW he is private. no one on GC does it through public anymore

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    yes, Michael Tracey has done thousands and is still practicing.he is in Queen St. Southport, next door to Allamanda Hospital.

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