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Thread: circumcision - info not debate.

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    lindie Guest

    Question circumcision - info not debate.

    Hi I am wondering if anyone could recommend a specialist in brisbane, southside.

    It looks like our poor little boy has to have this done, He is 13 months, due to frequent infections.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a good experience or has heard of a great doctor doing this???

    Will be seeing GP tomorrow. So will definately ask, But word of mouth when it comes to tiny babies is better!!!

    Thanks in advance


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    mooshie Guest


    sorry can't help you there, if you were in melbourne i could recommend an awesome doc who did our son. hope someone can give you some recommendations.

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    Awww *hugs* poor bubby getting lots of infections I hope it helps him.

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    lindie Guest


    Well off to the doctors this arvo,

    Its not nice poor little thing get so upset when hes widdling and doesnt want to be held up against me at all, It might be the 20 week tummy but hes so uncomfortable.

    Hes just come back of the antibiotics,

    Keep you informed, Thanks so much JELVIE, I really apprieciate it, I have no experience at all in this and couldnt be anymore blind about it......

    And doing any web search on the topic is heart breaking.

    I know its not a great thing to get done but what about medically???

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    Lindie my sister had her three boys circd with Dr Russell and only had positive things to say about him. Hope it goes well, and he feels better soon

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    lindie Guest


    Okay well had the doctors visit,

    He has a referal to a peadiatric surgeon as my doctor believes he does need to get done to stop the infections but would prefer we use this surgeon as he will be totally anethetised and wont feel a thing...

    So on the upside after reading all the horror stories on the net, this sounds like a very humaine way to do things, He said whilst he could be taken to someone who only does circumcision, thats okay but apparently its hard to get done for anything other than medical (our case) or religious reasons apparently "just to be like dad" isnt enough now days and that at least with a pead. surgeon it will be as painfree and infection free as possible.....

    so off to the surgeon... Lots of money, thank goodness for PHI. LOL.

    thanks everyone for all the info, it was great and certainly put my mind at ease, That and its not the worst thing in the world to have done.

    Thanks so much
    (lots of reasons to love bellybelly!!!)


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