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Thread: Possible circumcision due to phimosis

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    Default Possible circumcision due to phimosis

    My ds may need to be cirsumcised due to phimosis, the opening at the end of penis is too narrow and can't roll down at all. I will preface this by saying DH had this as a boy, nearly had to be circumcised at 13 years old. He has awful memories of it and describes the pain as excrutianting. If ds needs it I would prefer it done sooner than later. We r also having tt trouble and wondering if anyone has any experience with this. We checked for infection today, results on Thursday. Will also see continence nurse. Ds has been tt for 18 myths but awful lot of accidents of late.
    DH was also late at keeping dry and dr says this runs in families etc...
    Anyone experienced this at all? My poor little guy!!!

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    Both of my boys have been circumcisied so I am more than happy to discuss it with you if you like. Each boy was done using a different method. Hopefully I'll be able to answer a lot of your questions so you can go in prepared.

    If you would like feel free to PM me and we can discuss it all.

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    how old is your little one?
    the foreskin will stretch over time and you shouldnt expect it to roll completely back until they are 7-8 yrs of age.
    some other (not as invasive) things to try would be steroid cream, and encouraging (argh we dont want to BUT) him to play and stretch his penis.
    TT can be a whole separate adventure, taking years for some kids and that can be normal..

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    No one with any experience?

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