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Thread: Cloth Nappy Forum Guidelines ~ PLEASE READ.

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    Default Cloth Nappy Forum Guidelines ~ PLEASE READ.


    The mod team have adapted these guidelines from the BellyBelly Forum Guidelines. This has been done in order to help the Cloth Nappy Sections run smoothly, and for you as members to know what is and isn't acceptable when you post here. If you want to read the BellyBelly guidelines in full you can find them HERE

    Posting Links
    Links to sites with commercial interest is not permitted. No exceptions. Typing the link in a way to prevent it from linking is also not permitted ie "blah dot com".

    Posting in the Relevant Section.
    The Cloth Nappy Forums are one of the busiest areas on BellyBelly. For this reason the forum was split into sections to make negotiating through it much easier. We ask that you familiarize yourself with them and post in the sections relevant to your question.

    Search Before you ask.
    Your questions are always welcome but quite often they are asked repeatedly. Please run a search on your particular topic or just go back a page or two to see if it's been discussed before. Quite often a reason for questions not being answered seems to be related to how often something is asked.

    Buying and Selling Cloth Nappies and Related items.
    In accordance with the BellyBelly Forum Guidelines, selling of items is only allowed for Platinum/Life members.

    Items for sale must be listed in the classifieds section only. It is not permitted for a Lifetime/Platinum member to list or offer items for sale in the forum. Any posts doing so will be removed and the member will be infracted.

    Platinum/Lifetime members are permitted to make others aware of their classifieds listing in the general chatter thread and link to the item listed in the classifieds but all negotiations must be kept to either the classifieds section or to PM or email. MPMs are permitted to post a link to their MPM threads in the general chatter thread but may not include details of products or specials.

    Platinum/Lifetime members are able to list their ebay or buyforbaby auctions in the Platinum/Lifetime member forum. Please do not link to your auction here.

    Posts by non Platinum/Lifetime members offering items for sale on or before being listed on eBay or buyforbaby will be removed and the member will be infracted.

    Posts alluding to items for sale by non Platinum/Lifetime members and inviting others to contact them will be removed and the member will be infracted. References to sales or to items being offered for sale privately or through social networking groups or sites will also be removed and the member infracted.

    Swaps and Giveaways.
    It is permitted for any member Platinum/Lifetime or not, to post offering giveaways or to offer items to swap. Please make sure that you are clear that the item is a swap/giveaway in your description.

    Co-ops are permitted providing the person running the co-op has no financial gain. Be clear and include this in your post.

    Business discussion in the Cloth Nappy Threads.
    Now that we have several Market Place Members we have been made aware of a few issues that are causing concern for several members. "Talking shop" between members and MPM's is causing frustration among others who feel their posts and questions are getting lost or overlooked.

    Members and MPMs may not discuss business directly in the forums, all discussions relating to MPM business should be via PM or email. It is permissible for a MPM to respond to a member's general enquiry about a product with an invitation for the member to PM them, but no further detail should be given (eg: price, availability, etc), and all discussions between the member and the MPM should be conducted privately. MPMs may not make hints or allusions to their business, to items they have for sale or that are in any way self-promoting, posts of this nature will be removed and the MPM infracted. This includes use of emoticons such as the ‘wink’.

    Also questions such as "Has my money cleared?" or "Your parcel has been sent" should be either communicated by email or PM. It is fine to announce the arrival of fluffy mail though.

    Please note that this applies to all sections in the Nappy Threads, not just the Nappy Chatter thread.

    Publicly Debating a Moderating Decision.
    The forum is not the place to discuss a moderating decision. If you feel you have been unjustly treated then take it up with a moderator or administrator either by PM or email and keep it of the forum.

    The Mod team reserve the right to amend these guidelines at any time.
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