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Thread: Cloth training pants/pull ups.

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    Default Cloth training pants/pull ups.

    I'm just wondering what others have done in regards to training pants. DS is pretty much the youngest in his room at day care. All the other kids (his friends) are potty training, and consequently he wants to be like them and sit on the toilet as well. But day care are having a hard time with him and his nappies. He can get them off by himself, but then he tends to leave the nappy off and just pull up his pants and run off…sans nappy. At the moment they are quite happy to use his MCN's, but there have been a couple comments made about pull ups lately, and I don't want to push their cloth friendliness IYKWIM and I don't want to use sposies because they give him REALLY bad nappy rash.

    I still feel he's quite young (only 20 months) and not quite ready to start with 'properly' toilet training, but I don't want him to get discouraged either.

    So I'd like some advice on what are a good pull up type cloth nappy that DS can put on himself but that is still quite absorbent because while he wants to be a big boy, he still pees in his nappy and THEN asks to sit on the toilet after he's peed

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    There are a few around hun but TBH I tried three or four different brands and they just don't work - they will contain maybe one small wee and then they just leak. We tried Motherease, Tots Bots, the Big W ones (Softees or something)... umm, I'm sure I had some others... but they just didn't work.

    We basically kept her in normal cloth until she wanted to wear undies.

    Another good one I heard of but didn't try was called something like "Super undies" or "super pants", can't quite remember.

    ETA: google "Super undies", they actually look pretty good. Darlings Down Under sell them.

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    We're using Best & Less training pants (you can get size 1,2,3- at least they were available when I bought ours at the end of last year). they're not totally absorbent - we still get a number of leaks/wees in the floor but they do help catch the start of the wee.

    My DS struggles with us using pull-ups on him - it's undies (aka training pants) or nappies for him. He had a meltdown when I insisted on a pull-up on Saturday as I wasn't ready to trust undies in the car for more than 5 min car trip.

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    We have done bambino mio training pants. They are terry with some plastic or something in them. They only hold 1 wee and will allow clothes to get wet. But they seem to keep wee off the floor.
    DS2 is 20 months too and tells us weewee when he is doing a wee but unless you put him on the potty every 2 hours he won't wee on the potty.
    Good luck Dr Tal

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    DS is fully trained now. Didn't find any I really liked with him. But will have to use them with DD in another year and a bit. How much do you sell them for? Might be worth while getting one every couple if months so I am ready when she starts.

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    Hello my lovely Dr. Tal I've just ordered some beautiful top quality Genesa Forge nappies, can't wait for them to arrive! I wish I had of found her when DS was born as her nappies are DIVINE! Her website isn't that fantastic but if you check our her facebook page I'm sure you will be left drooling

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