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Thread: Has anyone used cushie tushie disposable inserts?

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    Default Has anyone used cushie tushie disposable inserts?

    We are going to be staying in a caravan for a week in January and while I don't want to use disposables I also don't really want to do the full Monty with mcns, due to DDs frequent poos and not wanting to walk to the toilet block every time to flush them away. Also don't want a nappy bin hanging around the caravan esp if it is hot. Was thinking of trying the Eco inserts that you use in cushie tushie shells.

    has anyone used these before?
    Can you use them with any shell outers? I only have about 4 CTs but have some cheapie pocket nappies that I was thinking might work as the outer shell for them as well.

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    Default Re: Has anyone used cushie tushie disposable inserts?

    Yep I've used them. They worked well, you should be fine to use them in the other nappies as long as they are similar in size to the CT - from memory the inserts were a little wide so they wouldn't fit in a trimmer shell like an itti bitti.

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