thread: Not sure if this is a bragging point or a worry :p

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    Jul 2013

    Not sure if this is a bragging point or a worry :p

    Hey there, I'm not entirely sure what to think about this situation. My little boy has always been super active, able to hold his head up and turn it side to side since about six hours after birth, much to he amazement of the midwives but he's just turned six weeks today and much to my horror has become quite adept at rolling himself over hen he's in his cloth nappies which I assume is because they're a little bulkier. I'm wondering if this is a common occurance with mums who cloth since his great grandmother is determined that he will hurt his back being so young

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    Rolling is a normal part of bub development. Just ensure he is safe (eg cant roll under something) and he should be fine

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    My younger DS was rolling from 5 days old. Hasn't stopped him Doing anything.

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    Jan 2011

    He won't hurt his back. He might just be advanced with some physical / motor skills. Clever little boy! As TT40 said, just keep him safe and he'll be fine. DD was an over achiever with that type of thing too- holding her head up in the hospital and rolled over early... Then crawled early, climbed early, walked early!

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    DD1 rolled at about that age and she wasn't in cloth nappies until a few months after that. Some kids just can.

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    Jul 2013

    Thanks guys, I was worried about him hurting his back and potentially having to switch to disposables so he didn't have the bulk to give him that extra leverage to help him roll. Now Im just worried about the mischief hell get into much sooner than I expected

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    I have one of these. She is now 8 months and right into the mischief. Especially cords.

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    I always assumed cloth nappies stopped dd from rolling and crawling earlier because of the bulk. Dunno. Kids do it all in their own time.