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Thread: Cloth pads! Convert me!

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    I will have to try cloth pad's, seriously why don't you here about these things early on.

    This site also introduced me to the mooncup! Awesome! Love it! I have now chucked every tampon in my house out! Wish I had know about this years ago! AT first it is kinda hard to work out how to put it in, but that only took me a couple of times and now it's easy! I have only just used it for one AF, but I am definitely converted. I use it at night also. And love it even more because it doesn't make you dry like tampons can.

    Will definitely have to look into cloth pads also.

    Also just wanted to mention, I got an email from someone saying that disposable pads and tampons contain chemicals that make you bleed longer so you buy more. Not sure on the validity of this, but certaintly wouldn't suprise me.

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    Cloth pad are still going really well for us

    I have changed my washing style, I now rinse in the laundry and then pop them in the nappy bucket with whatever else is soaking (just cold water)

    I also mainly use my lunette cup and liners - no bulk and I can usually go all day without having to change the cup except on the first day - so easy I sometimes forget I've even got my period.

    My fav brands are twinklelily smallsies and obsidian star for when I don't have my cup in. Sustanable hemp products also make some lovely raw silk toped but they don't have any PUL so only for light/liners

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