thread: Cloth pads and length of AF?

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    Jun 2008

    one of those weird things I suppose.

    Day 2 of using cloth and I haven't had a single cramp either. And I am not severly itchy like with disposable pads.

    Gets the thumbs up from me!

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    Aug 2009

    I'm looking at the Wemoon website and in the Q & A section, it says some people say that AF is shorter when using cloth pads...?

    Has anyone actually had that experience? I have 7 day flow, 5 of them are HEAVY. So I'm trying not to get excited over something that seems very far-fetched, but the more I google the more I read of people who say this has happened so...? Have you experienced this?

    I've also heard the rumour (urban legend? lol) that disposables have some chemical or something in them that makes you bleed longer. That seems like a tall story, but is there any truth to it?
    hey leasha.......
    im new here to bb ive just bought a diva cup and am waiting for it to arrive it the post

    now from what i have read in other forums and on the cup websites it seems ......
    A cup can =a shorter af as apposed to using a tampon because apparently the tampon rubbing the cervix causes excess beeding ??? (this is what ive read)

    but i dont see how a cloth pad would be any different to a sposie pad ??? (coz there is nothing inside kwim)

    anyway....hope that wasnt too much babble ...hehehe

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    also apparantley vegans bleed less because they dont eat dairy .

    i have noticed a difference with the cloth pads .but it could just be coincidence , but usuing the cup has made it looked like ive bled less , but absobent things make it look like theres more blood than there actually is kwim ?

    i made my own pads out of QC and terry towelling inner and double layer of fleece as the water proof .. no where near as nice as i can buy them for tho lol ..

    but i love love love the cup esp coz i can use it over night with out a pad and feel free to move around .... the cup makes you for get you have AF lol !!!

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    I've found cloth pads definitely make me feel like AF is lighter as I cant 'see' it on the pad, like you can SEE a disposable pad is full, but cloth I can tell its 'full' but because you can't really see the blood (the microfleece is GREAT for that) it feels a lot lighter than usual AF, although I'm fairly sure it isnt.

    I am a dedicated convert!!! So glad I made the switch! Might be game enough to try a Diva cup eventually... not sure about that one yet...

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    Jun 2008

    I had a cramp free AF. I don't usually get BAD cramping, but I get small cramps the whole way through but nothing

    And as normal it was 3 days so no change there

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    Dec 2005
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    Ive used cloth since I had Vy....I havent looked back. Yes my period's have shortened over the years.....8 - 9 days was a normal flow for me....now im lucky to have 5 days. ALso I suffered terrible cramping and Period pains...nudda....I dont even know AF is here until I wipe

    I to get rashes and chaffing from using disposables...and the thinner they are the more they seem to fold in the 'wrong' way . I use cloth pads with velour or bamboo velour on top, 2 layers of bamboo fleece and always with PUL and an outter cotton. I made my own post partam (maternity pads) and loved them, although they are all minkee topped and starting to look a bit shabby.

    I ve got a pattern here somewere...when I find it leash I'll be more then happy to photocopy it for you and send it your way

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    Jan 2009
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    this thoery is similar to the one with breastpads.. those who dont use any or use cloth dont leak as much as the "crystals" in the pads(both breast and mentral) draws out the fluids..

    i knew those who used cloth menstral pads usually have not as painful periods..

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    I'm a cloth pad user, and I also have a Miacup (similar to moon cups) and have noticed my periods are lighter and slightly shorter. It was a gradual thing for me. Interestingly I use to get horrific period pain before I went dairy free, so I can vouch for that one.