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    Dec 2005
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    Talking Hospital woo hoo

    Murphy's law isnt it. You have to have an op on our butt and AF arrives 2 days beforehand .

    I have used cloth for 4 years now. I havent used disposables in that time, even when I had the kids. I love my cloth pads.

    Well what do you do in my situation just gone? I took my pads and when I told the nurse she said
    we'll just throw away your pad and put a new one in

    No wont be because I use cloth and they arent throw away.

    Nurse was very interested and wanted to know the in's and outs.
    When I came back from recovery. I was wearing my cloth and had another nurse ask me all about them. Man it felt great. 3rd nurse came and checked my wound and offered me disposable pads to help in the bum region and I said thanks but no thanks.

    BUT you need a pad to soak up the blood from the op.

    Ah yes I use cloth pads not landfill ones.

    3 strikes and I was out. She turned her nose up at me and tutted as she walked away. I chuckled and put on my velour topped pad back in place.

    Just had to share

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    ah good on ya Maz!!! that's awesome. hehe I bet it felt good!!! If only more women knew about them! I am sure heaps more women would use them too! if only they knew about them.....

    I just got AF today and am about to try out one of my cloth pads (twinkle lily) but not sure which side should be up touching my V? is it the velour side or the pretty pattern side???? LOL

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Velour hon..ahh softness.

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    Oh that's great that the nurses were so accommodating and open to learning more about something they may not have even known existed! I sometimes think about trying them, and am doing some research to get the in's and out's, but I honestly had never even heard of them until I heard them mentioned on BB
    And of course boooo to the last one who was a snot about it There's always gotta be one, hey!

    Hope the op went well and that you make a very speedy recovery - I've been thinking about you since Friday and hoping you were holding up okay!

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    Good on you for sticking to ya guns, hopefully you got them thinking about cloth .


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    thanks maz im going cloth this time for bub so hopefully i have a good experience with them will be my first time in cloth.

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    You show 'em Maz! Told you that you'd shake up the Nursing staff... so glad you didn't disappoint!

    I always wonder if I'm usig mine up the right way too Is it always soft side to ginney?

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    WTG Maz, you might have converted a few more people, at the very least you have them talking about it

    Hope your recovery goes smoothly

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    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Ahhh and that's the Maz I know & love!

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    good on you! Glad the first 2 were open minded must have been such a great feeling, hope you have a speedy recovery