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Thread: Rainbows by IttiBitti

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    Default Rainbows by IttiBitti

    Ok so I realise they aren't NAPPIES but I wouldn't have a clue where else to put this!... Anyway I was just wondering if anyone has used rainbows cloth liners/pads by ittibitti? I look at it and think it may be a good idea but only if they work well iykwim

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    I looked at these the other day. We don't have any but my partner asked me to buy one for her to try, so that will hopefully arrive some time this week and I can let you know in a few weeks what she thinks. We have used cloth pads for two years, but I sewed those. We need an upgrade, and I'm not really in the mood to make them this time so we are going to invest in some. Would love to know what others think of them too.

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