thread: Wingless? And other issues.

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    Aug 2008

    Wingless? And other issues.

    I have a few questions. I'm totally OK with the idea of it, and the only thing that has held me back is not being able to decide what to buy! I can potentially make them, but I would like to experience one that's been done properly, rather than being turned off the idea altogether by a half-baked effort of my own.

    The Obsidian Star website has a wingless pad that they recommend for cyclists. As a car-less bike mad hippy chickety, is this what I'm after? I think I average about 20 days per year where I don't ride somewhere - should I steer clear of snaps altogether?
    Are there any aplix-fastening winged pads? Will this make any difference? When I make my own, I think this is the way that I'll go.

    I'm totally down with wetbagging, have a friend that can get me some awesome waterproof offcuts that are super funky for a little purse. Any other tips for this?

    Is there anything I haven't thought of? I've got two weeks before next AF is due, and want to start then.
    (Or preferably not, but I'm running with Murphy's Law here. If I spend a lot of effort making and buying cloth pads, will end up pg with a sticky one and no bleeding! )

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    I have a couple of wingless. Whilst I do not cycle, I do find them in general to be more comfy than the wing ones. The only problem I found is forgetting to remove before going to the toilet. Wish bought more of them, but I don't really need anymore than what I have.

    Have not really done the wetbag thing, must admit I am a bit of a woose and use disposable ones when heading out.