thread: 13 month old teething!

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    Dec 2013

    13 month old teething!

    Hi all,

    I am new here. I have a 13 moth old boy named Callum. He has a mouth full of teeth and currently is getting his back molars coming through. I am after some advice.

    Just over a week ago he decided to stop eating solids and bottles (formula). Whenever I try to put the spoon near his mouth he swirms and fights me and gets really agitated. At the moment the most I can get into him in a day is a couple of spoonfuls of custard or yoghurt. He will also only drink one bottle (and that is a struggle). He constantly unhappy and irritable. He has diorrhea and also a fairly high temperature. Panadol hasn't helped so we are now trying Nurofen. Teething gel also isn't showing any sign of improvement.

    Will this phase pass? and will his eating get back on track once his teeth are through? and roughly when will his teeth come thorugh?

    I am struggling a bit at the moment with it all and am hoping it won't last much longer. Have any of you experienced the same things with your babies teething?


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    Nov 2011

    Re: 13 month old teething!

    Pretty normal. As long as he is hydrated he will be fine. Let him feed himself something cold, it will be soothing and on his terms

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    Re: 13 month old teething!

    Hi Katie and welcome to BB!

    How long has he been like that? I might be inclined to get him checked over by a doctor hun. Could he have a sore throat or ears as well?

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    Re: 13 month old teething!

    I would get him checked too, tonsillitis is going around at the moment.

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    Re: 13 month old teething!

    I would get him checked by a doctor. Some food refusal and a low grade temp is usual with teeth but I would think that a higher temp and higher level food refusal would have me wondering if something else was at play. It may just be really bad teeth dramas but I check of his throat by a Dr will answer the question.