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Thread: Bleeding Gums

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    Default Bleeding Gums

    My DD will be 6 months old on Fathers Day.
    She chews on everything in sight and has recently started enjoying teething rusks.
    Yesterday afternoon while she was chewing on a rusk I noticed it became a little bit red stained - I think it was blood.

    I had a feel around in DD's mouth but didn't get any blood on my finger. She didn't seem to be in any pain but she was chewing really hard and really getting into the rusk.

    Could a bit of blood mean she's teething?

    She also chews everything as I mentioned - her hands, toys, bottom lip, bottle teats. She drools all the time, has a rash under her chin (from drooling) Red cheeks, often cries in her sleep lately. Do they sound like teething symptoms? How soon after symptoms start can I expect to see a tooth?

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    Default Natural remedies for teething

    I am one of the naturopaths at the new Belly Belly Pregnancy centre in Canterbury, Melbourne.
    You are describing absolutely classic signs of teething and I am sure one is about to pop out.
    A few tips
    Lots of teething rusks to chew on
    Try freezing a wet washer in a bag and then letting her chew on it. The cold will help numb the pain.
    There are some natural teething remedies - Weleda baby teething powder( $12) which you rub on the sore gums or Brauer infant teething relief ( $10 for 50ml). They both contain natural herbs that help to soothe the soreness for your infant.
    Email me on [email protected] if you would like me to send anything out or alternatively pop into the centre any time, we'd love to see you.
    Best wishes
    Jocelyn King

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    Thanks. I was about 99% sure everything was signs of teething but I wasn't sure if I should worry about the bleeding gums or not. If that can be normal then I guess I'll just watch for excessive bleeding and not worry about little spots

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    Default Re: Bleeding Gums

    Easy bleeding and slow clotting are indeed signs of ALD, but this is usually a sign of advanced disease and would typically be accompanied by some other symptoms like fatigue and broken/surface blood vessels on the face or chest or possibly swellings in the ankles, legs or tummy.You would typically also bruise more easily, cuts would bleed longer than normal, and these problems would be fairly consistent and/or reoccurring.You must consult to good Orthodontist for these bleeding gums.

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