thread: Gassy BF bubs

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    Jan 2012
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    Gassy BF bubs

    I tried to look for previous posts on giving camomile tea, but could find any directly.

    DD is 9 weeks old.
    We have established BF and she is 95% BF with the odd formula top up, as I have had supply issues (I know I should just keep feeding, but she wasn't putting on weight)
    I'm now on Motilium and taking 2-4 Fenugreek caps
    I'm also on thyroid medication.

    DD has terrible gas, and wakes screaming, and often hurts her to pass the wind.
    After one side, she is burped, then again after the other side.
    Sometimes she will spit up some milk after feeding. Other times it might be when she wakes up.

    DD poops once a week, yellow.

    I have been giving Woodwards Gripe water, but wondering if I can give her some camomile tea?

    Or any other tips I can try??

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    I've been giving dd hylands colic tablets they dissolve in her mouth and I'm pretty sure have camomile in them

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    Jan 2012
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    Gassy BF bubs

    Thanks JB I might look at trying them!

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    Things I have found infinitely more helpful than gripe water:
    - Babywearing. Carrying your baby close to your heart all day will help to keep her calm. It doesn't stop the wind, but it means the baby is better able to deal with it, and there's less screaming.
    - drinking (as in mum drinks) one cup of camomile tea per day. Peppermint tea also helped my babies, but it's not great for milk supply. If you work really hard at building your supply to the point of no top-ups, you should be able to try this.
    - holding baby on her tummy along your forearm. With my DD1 we did this all the time.

    Also look up Harvey Karp. His five Ss are great for calming purple crying.

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    I had to burp DD up to 6 times each feed. Fenugreek can cause wind for the mother so I'm wondering if its causing wind for your bubs.

    Perhaps try some infants friend. We found it really helped, along with burping DD by standing her up or by us standing up. She was a windy baby until about 6 months old. Could it be the type of formula??

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    I just replied to Tasha's post about Infacol - try it! Used it with DS, and it worked better than any of the 'natural' remedies I tried, got the wind out and stopped him wriggling around in pain with a sore belly

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    Jan 2012
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    Gassy BF bubs

    Thanks ladies some tips that I will try.

    I gave DD 2ml of camomile tea last night before feed. Waited 10mins then feed her. She also had a bath and within 15 after bath (which included a massage and tummy time) she was releasing heaps of gas!
    So I think the combo helped.
    She slept well, always has at night though.
    When she has the gas it's the days that are harder for her.
    Thanks again!