thread: Vomiting when teething?

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    Feb 2012

    Vomiting when teething?

    Clutching at straws here. Has anyone had teething cause vomiting in their toddler? DS is 20 months old and has had 3 molars cut in the past couple of weeks. He's normally a 'great' teether, drools a bit but apart from that I rarely know a tooth is coming through until it pops! DS started at a new daycare two weeks ago. A centre that provides good. Last week on my/his day off he had two massive spews during the day. No warning, just a little grizzle then a power spew. Quite confronting since he's only spewed about twice before when he was a newborn. Dr put it down to gastro. He's been fine since. The last couple of days at daycare he's been REALLY unsettled (refusing to eat and crying nonstop) to the point where I couldn't handle it and picked him up from care before I had finished work. He has just had another spew tonight about an hour after he's gone to bed. Hoping it's just teething??? Any advice? After an unsettled morning at daycare today they said he was a different kid after his nap and after they gave him bonjela, woke up a happy boy. Reaction to bonjela maybe? They said they'd given it to him before but that was the first time he'd had it as I've never felt the need. Any advice greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: Vomiting when teething?

    I think some sort of tummy bug/reaction to something is probably more likely.

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    Re: Vomiting when teething?

    Ds is teething something shocking ATM she's 16 months she always gets diarrhoea when she teeths and she gets terrible nappy rash and spewed the other night from pain