Lolpigs- nod to ur aunt & ignore her.

I felt really pressured at one stage coz DD isnt self-settled & I'm creating the rod in the back stuff bla bla. In the end I just went with gut instincts. I rock, feed, cuddle whatever she wants to sleep. (usually BF).

Something that someone in BB or somewhere said that I always remember, "imagine all the cuddles & special moments I would have missed if I hadnt cuddled/rocked her to sleep. She's only this age for a very small period".

My very wise midwife said to me re: BF to sleep, "what's wrong with it? Does it really affect ur life that much? It's a transient state ure in. I can guarantee u a child going to
School will not want to be seen BF"

So if it works for u, do it. I('m happy to be home to put DD to bed each night. )