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Thread: Attention: TTC'ers looking for a laugh! tee hee....

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    ROFLMAO that's classic SaraJane!!

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    Sara!!! ****!!!! PMSL... now that one definitely takes the cake!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    ps had my bum up in the air last night too (tee hee) but DH didn't carry me over to the tv, instead i just had to lie in bed!!!
    now i've also read lately that you can't have your bum up in the air TOO high otherwise the spermies swim straight past where they are meant to go!!! lol crikey how will we EVER get pregnant!!!! hahahahahahha!!!!!! I've certainly learnt alot in the last 5-6mths!!!!

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    HAHAHA! Renstar!
    How are we all this evening? Well I am no 7dpo in half an hour it will be 8dpo! Yay, another day gone! How do I get added to the TWW List? God this wait is sooooo hard! I want to know NOW! My O day was apparently 25th Feb & we BD'd 21/22/23 then 25th. I am not too sure if we got it right but last time I got preg it was from BD on the 11th day of my cycle so we decided to work from there. How do you find out what the temp chart should be. If I don't get a BFP this month, I might start to temp. Do you need a special thermometre?

    Quote Originally Posted by Renstar View Post
    Quite often when it comes to 'trying to conceive'.... ah the lovely 3 words.... it is quite often associated with 'frustration', 'annoyance', 'why not me' feelings, 'anger', 'sadness', 'disappointments' and well, a whole lot more things we feel that we just wish we didn't need to go through at all when all we want is to conceive a much deserved healthy baby. And after all, it's our 'birth right' to conceive a baby isn't it?

    For those TTC'ers like me, looking for a good belly laugh.... I thought I'd start this!
    If you want to add to the list, then go right ahead!!! May aswell have something to laugh about right? After all, whilst we're waiting to experience the joys of pregnancy for the first or 2nd or 3rd or whatever time.... we may aswell have some fun of our own....


    * You think you might wet your pants every morning because you can't go to the bathroom until your thermometer beeps!

    * You are begging your DH to dtd with you!!! tee hee (normallly other way around)

    * After dtd, you lay on your back and ask your partner to shove a pillow under your bum!

    * Someone asks you what day of your cycle it is and you automatically quickly reply with 'cycle day 16'

    * The two weeks wait is the longest 2 weeks OF YOUR LIFE

    * You open the bathroom cupboard and all you can see if HPTs, OKPs & tampons!!

    * You glare at every pregnant woman that walks past you.... (and they notice!)

    * You start talking or emailing to your non-forum friends and use abbreviations like "ttc", "AF", "CM", "BBs" and they look at you as they have no friggen idea what you are talking about....

    * You buy every possible known fertility book around.....

    * You buy baby clothes even though you aren't even pregnant yet....

    * You start speaking in mysterious tongues; BD DPO TTC EWCM

    * You want to draw a coverline over stock market graphs in the financial page

    * When you travel, you may forget your toothbrush, but your BBT is always the first thing packed

    * At any given time, you know what your EDD would be if you got pg that month.

    * You're taking an odd interest in what's in your panties

    * You think every tingle means you are grown hair, hang nail, stuffy nose...etc

    * Before making an omelet you look somewhat wistfully at the egg white

    * Your husband says ?cervical mucous? with natural candor and confidence

    * You don't know the date, but you know your CD or how many DPO's you are.

    * Your boobs are sore because you're always touching them to see if they are sore as a sign of pregnancy.

    * You bolt off to the loo when you have an inkling that some CM may have made an appearance for an inspection and analysis. Doesn't matter when and where you are cos it may be the only bit you get and it's got to be analysed while it is fresh.

    * On some days each month your DH sneaks into the house really quietly so that he can at least drop his keys before you jump him.

    * You know your DH is dedicated to the TTC idea when he walks out onto the patio, inspects the hanging pots and yells out...."I've got full ferning out here QUICK QUICK lets get busy!!!"

    C'mon girls, let's think of some more!!!!

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    HA! This is me! I keep buying clothes I think will fit me when I am pregant too! I have also only been shopping at the sales on maternity wear, thinking I might need them shortly. How embarrassing! I am so hopeless!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah_H View Post
    * You don't buy any new clothes because you're going to be pregnant soon & they won't fit.

    * You buy clothes only that can double as maternity clothes, baby doll tops, longer styles etc.

    * When O refers to ovulation not orgasm!

    * It's quite normal buy both HPTs and tampons at the same time.

    * You make a mental note of what day of your cycle it is before you say "ok" to a drink.

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    Lis Jay - I'll answer your questions about temping/charting in the 1-6mths thread see you over there.

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    Hi ladies!

    I'm new to this forum and sort of new to TTC. I am still on cycle 1 lol and I am going CRAZY!

    I'm part of another forum, but thought I would try branching out

    I don't think this is the right place to post, but it was the one with the most current comment lol

    Nice to meet you all!!!

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    Hi Missi I just noticed your post...nice to meet you too!

    come and join us in the Trying to Conceive (TTC) thread....

    The girls in there are friendly, supportive and understanding!! And you can talk about anything you like

    I'm hiding at the moment though from that thread (tee hee) as I do not want to post about any symptoms etc in the two-week-wait since Ovulation so i'm laying low..... I'll be back in there in a week maybe.. just avoiding it at the moment for the sake of my sanity! I don't want to analyse any body stuff this cycle!!
    Last edited by Shanti; March 7th, 2008 at 07:11 PM.

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    c'mon girls! Noone has posted in here for days!!!

    I thought of a silly one today.....

    * You know you're ttc when you stand in the shopping aisle with your trolley and rock it back and forth like you would a PRAM!!! (or is that just me?) tee hee cant' wait to push around a pram!!!

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    You know you are TTC when your home page in IE is Fertility Friend, and you check your chart 300 times a day in your TWW JIC your temps mysteriously change for the better...

    Girls, Great thread I am !!!

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    LOL! Yes Ruf I remember doing that one!

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    Ruf!!! hahahahahha!!

    That reminded me.... every time I log on to the net, instead of typing in the website i am after like say, the banking website, i go automatically to the bellybelly one and type that in!!!!!! hahaha My fingers just automatically type in BellyBelly YES I am addicted (although haven't been in here as much as i used to be!!!) honest!

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    i have been having such a downer of a day today but i read over this thread and have been since

    Rufi lmao im so doing that right now.... i check ff all the time (god knows what im looking for lmao) ... i ever check my chart amillion times aday before i o lol.... the things we do huh

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    OMG ! sarajane PMSL !

    That is hilarious !!!! I can't stop laughing !

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    hahaha, I had to look back and see what I wrote. Looks like my technique payed off!!!! rofl.

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    ROFL sure did Sara, i was thinking that the other day!!!

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    *puts hand up* I'll admit, I've been keeping clothes that might one day be appropriate at maternity wear since I was... 16? Around there somewhere.... lol. Only problem is, the majority of them are summer clothes - and I'm PG in winter! D'oh...

    I LOVE this one - You know your DH is dedicated to the TTC idea when he walks out onto the patio, inspects the hanging pots and yells out...."I've got full ferning out here QUICK QUICK lets get busy!!!"
    DH couldn't understand why I was giggling like a mad fool, and I was laughing too hard to explain it to him! lol. Every time I would get a nice full fern, I'd be all like - "LOOK! Look at all my ferns!" and he'd just nod tolerantly and say "That's nice dear." Hee hee....

    I've been making baby slings for, uh.... all my friends babies! Right? Honest! I couldn't help it that it means I can perfect the technique before I was even UTD!

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    rachel817 Guest

    Red face

    You know you are TTC when you "accidently" try on a maternity shirt at the store (hey it was mixed in with the jrs stuff!) and then can't resist putting the shirt you wore into the dressing room into the belly area and taking a cell phone picture... Or maybe just I can't resist,

    Also, when you buy maternity clothes that can be worn when you are not pregnant, I am so pathetic!

    Lots of baby dust to all!

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    haha!! Good one girls!!!!

    You know when you are trying to conceive when your DH takes his Zinc tablets in the morning and then starts walking around the house "wiggling and jiggling"... he said to me "babe, I've got some movement happening down here!!!!" haha!!!! as in, the sperm are reacting to the zinc!!!

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