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thread: Attention: TTC'ers looking for a laugh! tee hee....

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    Mar 2007

    You know you're TTC when ........

    You say to your DH "Let's go shopping at DPO on the weekend" Instead of saying "let's go shopping at DFO" (DFO the shopping outlets all across Australia)
    haha funny..... I didn't even know i had said it, but DH picked me up on it! hehe

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    Sep 2007
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    Oh Ren....i so feel for you, i know just how life envolved TTC becomes!

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    Dec 2006
    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...

    That is a good one!!!

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    May 2008
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    Oh wow this is a great thread!!! Thanks so much for the laugh!!!! i cant stop laughing at just how many of these I do....and didnt actually realise hahahaha

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    Jun 2008
    Country Victoria

    You know DP is commited to TTC when instead of asking you how was your day its - "so what was your cervical mucas like today honey?"

    You know your TTC when you have just had a BFN HTP and put it in the bin. Then 10 minutes later you race back pull it out of the bin in hopes that it may have changed and you really didnt wait long enough. (As if staring at it for 30 minutes looking for a second line wasnt long enough) But you never know - you may have missed it!!

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    Oct 2007

    I just had to say this was a MUCH needed laugh when I did read it the other day (I didnt have a chance to respond at the time).

    I wanted to add another too...

    Knowing that AF not referring to a person or their nickname.

    DP got all riled up because he thought AF (a persons name) wasnt coming over the other day because AF had his fishing gear which he needed that night lol.

    So his AF did arrive and mine did not lol. Makes me think I wonder how many other people I have used AF around and they didnt get what I meant at the time lol.

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    May 2005

    thought I would add,

    - buying opks and hpt's in bulk.
    - getting a BFN ten days in a row, but still testing again the next day anyway.
    - using a hpt at the end of af, just in case it wasn't a real af
    - rereading posts from over a year ago, in the hopes you might find something 'new'.
    - visiting EVERY forum you can possibly find online about TTC, even the really crappy ones (they are all pretty crappy in comparision to BB)
    - carrying opk's in your purse.

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    Jun 2008
    Country Victoria

    I have another in the spirit of Mistys using a HPT at the end of Af just in case!

    Using an OPK 9DPO, just to satisfy the urge to pee on something!!!!

    Lol - yes i have an addiction to POAS!

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    Feb 2008

    i just have to add...compulsively googling "ultra sensitive HPT"s" in the hope you can find one that will work at 7 DPO

    rushing to the shopping centre loo to test because you can't wait till you get home..yes, i really did that. sad, aren't i? (she blushes furiously!)

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    Sep 2008

    Using a POAS one day after ovulation even though you know there is no possible way it could be positive, you just never know - " i could be a freak of nature and be the first woman on BB to show a BFP one day after conception" - after all, those cheapie ebay tests only take a day to be delivered, and they are so cheap !!!

    Your diary is full of notes like BD and CM and you forget to pay your bills/send birthday cards etc because you are so busy counting how many days till implantation/symptoms etc

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    Oh ladies, thanks for the laughs and for reminding me I am not the only crazy obsessive one around here
    I have just finished glaring at pregnant women in the shops on my lunchbreak, while inbetween staring for way too long at other people's babies!

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    Sep 2008

    Only wearing light coloured knickers, because you would not like to miss anything in the knickers that could tell you ANYTHING !!! Lol

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    Feb 2008

    Only wearing light coloured knickers, because you would not like to miss anything in the knickers that could tell you ANYTHING !!! Lol
    gotta love that one!!

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    Feb 2009

    I have one! (sad of me, I know) Late to the thread but oh well.

    *When you are that impatient you test early and spend the next week arguing with DH over the faint red line you swear black and blue that you can see - but he cant.

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    Mar 2006
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    ROFL, ok I have a funny one from last night.

    *You lie down for as long as you can after DTD to let the little guys get a chance but if 'so you think you can dance' is on you have to get DH to carry you out to the lounge to lie so you can watch it, reminding him as he's carrying you to "keep my bum in the air" hahahahahaha.
    OH NO!!!!!!!!

    I would like to add -
    - after dtd you lay with your feet up on the bedroom wall and notice the cobwebs in the corner of the walls / ceiling,
    - after dtd you lay with your feet up on the bedroom wall and notice the eiling is dropping, so the next day DH repairs the ceiling
    - you won't eat anyhting a day old in the fridge...just in case it causes your baby, (the one you have no idea you have even conceived yet) to have three eyes, green skin anda scaley tail,
    - when ttc you drink so much water you worry the pressure of your bladder on your uterus might harm the baby, the same baby from above remark!


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    This one applies to ppl on Fertility Treatment....in order to get pregnant to have cannot have sex or if you do you must use a condom...

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    Apr 2009

    thanks for posting these girls...too funny!

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    Sep 2008

    I was sitting on the loo the other day and thought "hmm I must remember to only buy plain white toilet paper, it will make it much easier to see an implantation bleed"

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