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    Munya Guest

    Confused about Primolut N

    I had an IUD (copper T) inserted in 98 and got it removed in May this year because I was ready to have kids. My doctor told me that I would fall pregnant as soon as it was removed but nothing has happened. I went to another doctor and told him i wanted fertility pills and he prescibed Primolut N to take once a day for 30days. When i got home i did a bit of research and from what little info i got Primolut doesnt seem to improve my chances of conceiving. Should I take these pills or not.

    The other thing that is worrying me is that he didn't do any tests, neither did he ask about my history as far as trying to have a baby is concerned.

    Munya, Uganda - East Africa

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    Moving to conception discussion.

    Munya, welcome to BellyBelly Great to have you with us. How long were you trying to conceive prior to seeing your doctor? It is normal for you to conceive within 12 months of trying.

    I have taken Primolut before but most definitely not for fertility - I am surprised he didn't explain himself and I would be looking for a new doctor!
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    Hi Munya

    I had 2 cycles of PrimolutN. In my case I haven't had a natural period for 6 months so the Dr prescribed it to kick start my cycle, that is to create a period. It didn't work and was another 6 months before I started getting AFs to come at all (currently app 45 days apart).

    I am a now seeing a specialist who gave me a script for it again to create a period before starting Clomid. So in answer to your question from what I know it isn't a fertility drug as such but used as a trigger to create a cycle, and then hopefully you will O naturally.

    Hope this helps you.


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    lauraemma Guest

    Just wondering if anyone can help me im a bit confused about Primolut N!!!


    I had a lot of bleeding after I gave birth so my doc put me on primolut N for 5 days I took 3 daily to stop the bleeding and it has been sucsessful. I have stoped taking it yesterday and we really want to fall pregnant again straight away and im very confused at how this drug works? Im not sure what my cycle is doing at the moment so I dont know when I will be fertile?
    Can anybody help me?

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    Hi there.

    After TTC for 6-8 months and no period and so many test thinking we were pregnant i was diagnosed with PCO (polycystic ovaries) last yr. The GP who diagnosed me said i wouldnt be able to have babies naturally and said when i was ready that he could organise an appointment with a fertility specialist. I saw a different GP who confirmed the PCO and found out this was why i wasnt getting AF. After some bloods GP realised i wasnt producing any progesterone which was causing the cysts to appear. My body was producing estrogen but needs progesterone to release the egg from the ovary... as a result causing the cyst. He then said that we could try the primulut n to help me get AF it was 3 pills for 5 days he said we may need more then 1 dos and we had a good shot of them working. within 2 weeks after i had minor bleeding for 1/2 a day and nothing else. We had thought it didnt work but 4 weeks later i was severly sick and throwing up constantly for a week and a half. They couldnt find anyting wrong until the decided last option wsas a preg test... Voila i was preggas... It was just enough to kick my ovaries in to gear...

    if ur not sure i would see another GP. cant hurt. if i hadnt gotten a second opinion i wouldnt have my DD yet as were would have waited a bit longer to start fertility treatment