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    In May our little boy was born still and ever since my cycles have been all over the place. So I decided to use a OPK for the very for time just to see if I'm still ovulating and when. I started testing on day 14 of my cycle. We were intimate on Thursday, day 19 and later that day I got a positive test and another positive on Friday, day 20. We thought that was enough, we'd been intimate on the day of the first positive test and a positive test means ovulation, right. Today I was reading that ovulation happens 36 hours after the surge or when you can get a positive test not at the start of the surge or when you first get a positive test. So now I'm confused and a little worried we missed our chance this month.

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    Sorry for the loss of your son xx
    I got a positive on cd15 and another on cd16. We dtd at around midnight on cd15 (I very distinctly remember this night.)
    We managed to conceive that cycle.
    It's not an exact science with opks more just a good indicator that over a few months can give you a good idea of when you might o so you get busy
    Good luck x

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    So sorry for your loss xx

    Provided your partner's swimmers are normal, they can live for up to 5 days so you are still in with a chance.

    Personally I prefer taking my bbt to pinpoint ovulation though it only shows it after it's happened.

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