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thread: Herbal Remedies & Supplements for TTC

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    Exclamation Herbal Remedies & Supplements for TTC

    Seeing as this is a frequently posted topic we have decided to start a permanent thread here.

    If you are using or have used any herbal remedies or supplements for TTC or you would like information relating to a particular remedy feel free to post here. There are quite a few available for different purposes (eg vitex), so why not post your recommendations or experiences.

    If you would like information regarding multivitamins (eg Blackmores, Elevit etc) you can find more information in the following thread:


    If you would like information regarding Herbal Remedies & Supplements while TTC or Breastfeeding, you can find more information in the following threads:
    Herbal Remedies & Supplements for Breastfeeding
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    these links are not working

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    I have been taking vitex for about two months now...wondering when i am going to see my cycles shortening???

    I definately Ovulate but this is just driving me into a crazy woman!!

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    Feb 2008

    Before we were TTC our second child I went to a Naturpath to get checked out as I was having short cycles (22-25 days) and before that I had always been 28 days spot on. She checked everything out (weight/height/muscle mass/exercise/diet etc) and determined that I was producing too much oestrogen and not enopugh progesterone, hence making my cycle shorter. She modified my diet so I ate less carbs and put me on a nutritional supplement and a couple of months later I was back to 28 days again. Shortly after that, we started TTC and I fell pregnant almost straight away. If you are open to natural remedies, perhaps you could try a naturopath in your area? Hope this helps

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    I am just completely out of whack i think because DR gave me a BT for my lutual phase and the prog count was 55...it only has to be 11 or higher, but i am still considered in the normal range. Anyway i am apparently oestrogen dominent as well, been told by a Kinesiologist only a couple of weeks back, so i think everything is just so mucked up my body has absolutely no idea of what to do!! I am currently doing lots of detoxing with the Kinesiologist but i think i will see a Naturopath in a month of so as well!

    Thought i might add that i have no other apparent problems....done U/S and nothing there either, it seems there is no real reason for me not being able to conceive!

    Thanks for giving me hope!!

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    Hi all, I have been taking Ovulex since the beginning of January. No bad side effects to report.

    After 6 years of Implanon, and a very irregular cycle before that, I thought this would be a good way of sorting out my cycle and hopefully speeding up the process (my clock is ticking like a jack hammer).

    It seems to be slowly bringing my cycles back on track. Lets hope its as wonderful as the rave reviews it has been getting!!!!

    Anyone else out there taking it?

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    gillian Guest

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any information on naturopaths in Victoria (specifically Melbourne or Geelong) that have a special interest in fertility. I have read about The Jocelyn Clinic in Sydney and it sounds fascinating, and ideal, but is a long way from home. We have a beautiful daughter thanks to IVF but I would like to try a more natural process this time around. Any information or thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.

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    I have just read about a product caled Fertilaid. There is both a Mens & Womens product, but I understand it is only available in USA

    Has anyone tried this and if so has it worked.


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    Jun 2008


    Hi All,
    I have been trying accupunture for the last few months and I would love to hear some sucess stories. I have also been given herbs to have twice daily - they are root tuber... has anyone else used this? Would love to hear your stories.

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    Hi bbb
    I have just made an appointment with an acupuncturist who specialises in chinese medicine - who deals only with fertility and pregnancy. I am looking for some success stories also and any information from others. I will post back here once I have had my first appointment.

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    hmm, links definetly not working...i'd like to do more with this thread, help!!!

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    The Herbal Remedies for Breastfeeding one seems to have disappeared though.

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    Chinese Medicine

    [QUOTE=CeeCee;1347456]Hi bbb
    I have just made an appointment with an acupuncturist who specialises in chinese medicine - who deals only with fertility and pregnancy. I am looking for some success stories also and any information from others. I will post back here once I have had my first appointment.

    Well Hi everyone,
    It's been 6 months since i was told i would not have another child. The specialists said my ovaries were failing and i was peri-menopausal, the chances of me having normal periods again was slim. I was not ready to accept this. My husband is Chinese and so we looked for a Chinese dr in perth. We found this most wonderful lady who has limited english (lucky he can speak Mandarin) I have seen her every week for 3 months now and found out this week that I am In fact Pregnant. The herbs worked wonders for me and seemed to reverse everything the fertility dr's said would not happen. The specialists had such one track minds and were not willing to do anything. I have early menopause in my family (around age 36 -38) I am 38 and so they were just not narrow minded nad compketely ruled it out.
    Here is a good story, i thought i would share. The Chinese Medicine works but i believe you need to first believe it will work and above all relax.
    Good Luck everyone.

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    Apr 2008
    Clare Valley, SA

    I have seen my acupuncturist again this morning, and she is concerned that my ovaries and womb may be too cold... and so the progesterone may not be reacting as it should. As a result, she has put me onto some chinese herbs which unfortunately are in powder format rather than tablet. Not nice...

    They should help my liver, spleen and general indigestion, progesterone and general well-being. Here's hoping. I am feeling a bit more in control I must say, through taking the herbs, having acupuncture and seeing the FS. So, as a result feeling more positive. In saying that I am at 11 dpo, day 25 of a 28 day cycle. Hard to keep my mind off anything but the dreaded upcoming AF possibility!
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    I am currently taking Vitamin B6 and Vitex. I was hoping that someone, anyone, everyone could help me with this question:

    I've read that you shouldn't take Vitex once you know that you're pregnant as it can increase the odds of miscarriage. Is this true? Also is there something else I could switch to once I've discovered that I'm pregnant to help the pregnancy stick? I've read that False Unicorn Root may be helpful.

    Thanks in advance ladies!


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    I am trying the natural route after DS#1 was conceived using IVF.

    I am having acupuncture once a fortnight and have started taking TAO HONG SI WU YANG capsules as prescribed. I think after 7 days I will be changing to something else.

    I have unexplained infertility so am hoping as I carried one child my body will let me do it again.

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    Hi mumoflewis, that is a famous and very popular formula due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It is often prescribed premenstrually and during menses to aid in the shedding of the endometrium. This improves the quality of the lining in the next cycle, often, other formulas are given as nessecery to effect different stages of the uterine and/or the ovarian cycle.
    GL with your journey!

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    Hi all! I went to a chinese herbalist on Saturday. My periods are very regular, every 28 days but for some reason I'm not falling preg. DH is fine and apparently I'm ok...

    The herbalist said my body is too hot! I know about people who've been too cold to fall preg but I'm too hot! ha. Also I have very low yin and yang energy.... which i could tell anyway - I've been struggling to do much at all for months now

    so have been told to cut out:
    red meat
    spicy food
    deep fried food
    cigarettes (pretty obvious one)
    cut down alcohol

    and I have to boil these herbs every day. yucky!!!!! Am going back this Saturday.

    I'll let you know if this works, have a feeling it will!

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