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Thread: Herbal Remedies & Supplements for TTC

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    Hi All,
    thanks for the info OP, its great to share what each others experiances are with different products, there are so many all claiming different things and all a little bit different. My use of InNatal began with the popularity of its use amongst my collegues, I've seen it used by many naturopaths whose philosophies I trust, our own pregnancy was supported by it and I've given it to patients in my clinic with great results.
    I mentioned this product previously in the context of how I approach treating couples ttc, and this is not meant to be a recommendation across the board. Please if you want clarification on supplements and what you need most, consult with a professional (they will ascertain how much of your RDI you get from your diet). Otherwise it constitutes self prescription and chances are that in the long run, it would be cheaper to know first hand your requirements!

    "So just confirming: Innatel is the same thing as Blackmores Pre Conception - IFNWIM"

    Untrue WLAB.

    Forgive my belated response, I will keep a much closer eye on threads in future!
    I hope this helps, tell me if I missed the point :-)

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    Hi all! I wanted to share what seems to have worked for me. I got a BFP yesterday. Such early days I know. Fingers crossed! I had been ttc for 6 months for no 2. I had been pretty relaxed about it till last month, so I researched a few things and this is what I took.

    Pre-conception vitamin, EPO for mucous, Vitex till ovulation (and yes, I see the controversy over whether pre-post ovulation to take it) I also made a few cups of tea of red clover flower tea. I found advice that said to take an estrogen and a progesterone mimicking herb supplement to balance- hence the vitex and red clover flower together.
    I also used pre-seed (applicator) when I thought I was most likely to be ovulating, and used another brand sperm friendly lube the rest of the time. I also bought Maybe Baby ovulation tester which did nothing. According to it I did not ovulate!

    My next move was to get a checkup to make sure I had no endometriosis cause I was suspicious of some painful twinges I get. I was also about to make an appointment with a herbalist, to get the proper supplements!

    I wish everyone luck and hope this helps someones journey.

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