thread: How soon can you start to get symptoms?

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    Feb 2005

    How soon can you start to get symptoms?

    Hi I am new here and not sure if this has been asked before, but was wondering how soon you start to feel pregnancy symptoms?

    Is it possible to get pregnancy symptoms before you have even missed a period?


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    staceyl Guest

    Hi Serena,

    Welcome to BellyBelly. I have only just found out I'm pregnant with our first baby, but looking back over the past couple of weeks, I did have a few symptoms before my period was late (at the time I thought it may have been my imagination getting carried away). I have had a few enlarged ovarian cysts in the past which have caused a bit of pain in that area, so I am pretty aware of any sensations. About 2 weeks ago, I thought I was feeling twinges on my left ovary area, which seemed to get lower (this lasted for a week or so, then went away). My breast started to get a bit tingly and nipples were very sensitive (but not sore). This also went away after a few days. For the last couple of days before af was due, I was occasionally a little crampy and lower tummy feeling a little tight.

    Every women is so different, it's really hard to know whether the symptoms we feel are actually early pregnancy symptoms.

    How long have you been TTC? Is this you first? What day of your cycle are you on?

    Everyone is great here at BellyBelly and try to help anyway they can.


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    Feb 2005

    Thanks for you informative response

    We started TTC for our first child in October last year.

    I am only 7 days past ovulation, but like most people TTC during the TWW I analise everything my body does hoping it's a symptom. Anyway for the last 3 days I have been nauseous, dizzy & light headed so was hoping it's not just a bug/virus and was in fact super early symptoms.

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    staceyl Guest

    Sorry if it was a little too detailed....
    Those symptoms do sound like the early pregnancy symptoms I've heard from other girls.

    Good luck, I've got my fingers crossed for a BFP for you when you test.


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    Sep 2004

    I dont really know about early symptoms, but I have had similar cramping, and strange pinching pain on one side that seems to sort of also be in my lower back... also been nauseaus and exhausted, too.

    But just had a BFN today, so will let you know soon whether those symptoms actually resulted in anything or not!

    Hope your symptoms are early pg signs!


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    *Beccy* Guest

    Isn't it funny! With DD, I didn't know I was pregnant until I got m/s at about 9weeks!! lol.
    I didn't experience any sore or tingly bb's, but I wasn't looking for any.

    I know what you mean SeenaBeena, because with TTC #2, I was obsessing last month with every twinge, niggle or pain!

    Best of Luck to you !!

    Kind regards

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    sueedge Guest

    early symptoms

    I think it is possible to have symptoms before your period - it's just that most people don't recognise them. I know when I was pregnant with my first child, I had sore boobs for two weeks before my period was due. As I didn't know I was pregnant, I was starting to worry about cancer! #-o
    With my second pregnancy (again, I was clueless), I was extremely tired for two weeks before I missed my period. But the third time was planned, and I noticed a lot of symptoms! The first was the loss of a yellow mucus plug (sorry, gross, but quite a few of my pregnant bulletin buddies had the same symptom); then the tiredness started followed by flu symptoms. It was so frustrating that early pregnancy symptoms imitated the flu! I spent 12 days wondering 'am I pregnant or do I just have the flu?'. However, I remember the strongest symptoms I had were as follows: food aversion (which could have just been the power of suggestion, I suppose), heartburn (which I never get except when I am pregnant, so that was exciting!), blood nose (again, only get when I'm pregnant), and extreme tiredness. Hope this is helpful.


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    Jan 2005
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    Hi Serena

    I had dig dark veins on BB's and chest. I was also really tired and felt sick and jittery when I was late having lunch before I knew I was PG.

    I didn't really have pains untill I was about 8wks PG.

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    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    Hi Serena.. Just wanted to say WELCOME to BB...

    Great site just like WC!!!


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    Feb 2004

    Hey guys

    You actually won't start feeling any symptoms until implantation has taken place. Check out the article Early Pregnancy Symptoms on the main BB website. Might be helpful for you.

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    sunshine68 Guest

    hi serena,
    with my youngest DD the only symtoms i had was the week AF was due i was very tired, normally i'm a very energetic person but that week everytime i saw a chair or a bench i had to sit down.

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    mummy2B2 Guest

    Well, my first PG I was clueless about symptoms, so I didn't really notice any, even looking back now I can only spot a few.

    But this time around I noticed. That's why even after 2 -ves I still didn't give up hope. I've just been ravenous the last week and more dopey and tired than usual.

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Serena

    How are you going? any news? I love this forum as much as I love WC too.


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    Jul 2004
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    Hi there!
    This is ElopingBride from WC...i have been addicted to bellybelly for a LONG time!

    Welcome to BB!!

    I hope your TWW has a BFP at the end!!

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    Feb 2005

    I knew I would run into WC friends here!

    Well looks like I had a bug of some sought ~ got my god damn periods this morning :evil:

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    staceyl Guest


    So sorry to hear the dreaded af arrived. Wishing you lots of luck for your next month TTC.


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    Amandalee Guest


    With DS (he's 12wks old) I remember having quite a bit of yellow mucus before the BFP. I kind of remember feeling a bit nauseas too, and headaches and lower backache.

    I got my BFP at 13dpo. Very faint, but was there. I dont remember sore boobs. They did come later though. I remember not being able to walk through Wooloworths coz my nipples were tingling and hurting so much! It only ever happened when I went there! Weird huh!

    The throwing up started at 5wks and continued every day without letup til I was 38wks. The nausea then stopped when DS was about a week old. My pelvis also fell apart. I had tonnes of round ligament pain from 4wks preg on and lots of bleeding during the pregnancy. It wasnt a fun 9 months at all!

    But yeh, you can experience symptoms before AF due. Usually happens after implantation, which can begin to occur about 6 or so dpo. Most women implant between 10 and 12dpo though.

    Luv, Amanda