thread: Lesbian Couple - Our IVF / FET Story

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    Apr 2016

    Lesbian Couple - Our IVF / FET Story

    Hi there. We are a lesbian couple in our late 30's with a bit of a unique (well, all stories all unique of course!) IVF story. After contemplating it for years, I decided to become an egg donor almost 2 years ago, aged 36, and placed an ad on a website. After receiving a huge response, I/we really clicked with a particular couple, met and became good friends and agreed that I would donate, so they could have a second child (their first child was conceived naturally basically by complete fluke!). They had had 15 fresh/frozen transfers in four years up to that point with zero success.

    My subsequent egg collection resulted in 15 eggs, leading to 10 embryos, 5 of which were viable at Day 5/6 blastocyst stage (2 x A grade, 2 x B grade and 1 x C grade) and frozen. My donor couple used one of the A grades and got a BFP first go. They were ecstatic. That resulted in the healthy birth of their beautiful DS last September.

    Following this and having decided their family was now complete, they offered the remaining embryos to us to use. After some thought, we became enormously excited about this and after an investigative laparoscopy and going through the legal process etc in the past couple of months, we completed our first natural frozen ET 11 days ago, using the remaining A grade frostie. Now at nearly 38, my fertility is apparently excellent and I have no issues, hence the natural transfer.

    This morning I went to have the BETA blood test at the hospital after the 2WW (and in retrospect now a lot of very mysterious symptoms that I thought were positive signs of pregnancy!) and went to the bathroom immediately following to find AF had arrived with a vengeance. So a BFN this first time and a lot of tears and heartbreak for us this morning.

    We now have the 2 x Bs and 1 x C left and are already gearing up for cycle 2 next month. We're just contemplating whether to transfer 2 x Bs and hope for the best or stick to singleton transfers.

    I wonder if any other same sex couples or couples without fertility issues could shed any light on similar experiences with IVF and FETs in particular? Most of the forums, understandably, involve medicated cycles and there is little to no info on the success rates associated with natural cycles and/or in transfers involving lesbian couples. Would love to hear your stories and suggestions.

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    Aug 2016

    Re: Lesbian Couple - Our IVF / FET Story

    Fellow lesbian couple doing ivf here. Your story is quite fascinating! We have had a bit of a different process.
    Originally I (42) was doing IVF, we had a sperm donor who is a friend of ours. I did one full cycle (medicated IVF + ICSI). We got 8 eggs but only 3 made it to Blastocyst, 2 transferred (B + C) but the remainder wasn't good enough to freeze. We had a faint positive but then lost it.
    I went on to do another cycle but was in a great deal of pain and high fever. We got 5 eggs and 3 made it to Blastocyst (3xB) 2 implanted and 1 frozen. Unfortunately I was just too sick by then. BFN and I ended up in ICU with a major infection in my ovary. Long story short after three surgeries and the removal of one ovary, both Fallopian tubes and the discovery of previously undiagnosed endometriosis I took a break and we swapped to my partner (36).
    We first tried with the frostie we had from me but it unfortunately didn't stick. After that we moved on to full cycles with her. We did 3 full cycles last year but have discovered that her egg quality isn't very good. Each failed attempt really had a significant impact on my partners mental health.
    In the meantime another friend of ours had had two successful pregnancies and had five frosties all from a single IVF cycle. She offered to donate them to us and we took her up on her amazingly generous offer. We also swapped back to me to allow my partner a bit more time to recover. I'm currently 10wks pregnant and all is going well so far. Couldn't be more thankful for our amazing friends!