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Thread: luteal phase length?

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    Default luteal phase length?

    ok, just how long can a luteal phase be?

    I'm 17DPO, feel pregnant, but still getting BFNs (except for a heartbreaking disappearing positive with first response).

    Still no AF - just how long can a luteal phase be? I'm wondering whether I should go see my GP to get things checked properly, or if a luteal phase this long is normal?


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    Hey BW... as you know, my last one was 20 days before AF showed, but when I was researching quite a few fertility sites said 10-19 days. Stupid degree textbooks only had 14 days in and only ever said cycles were 28 days, which is so much tosh! (Masserrasserfasser6weeks+rasserfasser)

    Oh, I also had spotting on day 18 and 19, but put that down to a vigourous hubby rather than AF as I was optimistic about being pg. Had a couple of spots last night too and haven't had EWCM yet, so I'm back to thinking I'm pg without any symptoms. Huzzah for the power of denial!

    Best of luck to you - you go and deny AF visiting rights for the next few months. Go denial! Maybe you could go see your GP Friday afternoon, as that's a long time for AF to stay away without any hint. I would say early next week, but the you'll be around 23dpo and don't know if you can wait that long! Do a pg test that morning as that will be the first thing they ask you to do.

    Hugs and best wishes!

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    my luteal phase really varies

    Last month was only 10 but they can go from 10-12

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