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Thread: My Semen Analysis / Am i getting the right advice

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    Default My Semen Analysis / Am i getting the right advice

    Hi There
    We have been trying to conceive for 18months. Dr put me (male) on finasteride for hair loss. I since learned this can seriously affect semen quality etc.
    First semen analysis results were very bad (we weren't given the result but dr used those words) so we were referred to a fertility specialist.
    Second semen anaylsis was carried out 6 months later after i had stopped taking finasteride. Specialist said the results were a bit better but still very bad and that ICSI would be our only option.

    SO...we were devastated.. I felt better after stopping finasteride and thought semen analysis would be much better. Wife was sad as she really doesn't like the idea of ICSI.

    In our recent appointment i asked for a copy of my SA results and they are detailed below. I don't really trust the specialist and feel that if my results have improved in 5 months then maybe now (3 months later) they could be closer to normal?

    Can anyone advise whether the results are all doom and gloom (please don't worry about hurting my feelings)..

    I should also point out that i have an obvious varicocele that was found by the specialist. He said that we can fix it easily but there is no evidence to show that it will help my numbers in any way so its not worth it. We are both 31.

    PLEASE any advice or experiences would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time

    Total Sperm Count: 19million
    Volume: 2ml

    Total Sperm Motility: 44%
    Progressive Motility 40%
    Rapid Motility 32%
    Slow motility 8%
    Non progressive motility 4%
    Immotile 56%

    Normal 2%
    Head Defects 98%
    Ned and mid piece defect 14%
    Principal piece tai; 8%

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    Default Re: My Semen Analysis / Am i getting the right advice

    My friend/housemate had to get semen analysis done and he had to get them done 3 times with a few weeks in between for accuracy. I can remember him showing me where his issues where and that there was a range to the right of his result percentages that showed what was considered normal, which if on yours may help you more.
    I would suggest finding a new GP and getting some new tests done. As my mate was told, things can change.
    Good luck

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