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    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months but no matter how hard we try we keep getting negatives and were not understanding why. I have endometriosis so is that why or is there a way that may help our chances?[emoji20]

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    Six months is still within the normal range for getting pregnant. If you over 35 you may want to go to your GP and get a referral for a fertility specialist to get things investigated. Under 35 and they say to try for 12 months and then see a specialist. Endometriosis can have an effect fertility, but many women with it do go on to have successful pregnancies.

    I hope they before you know it you are pregnant and things go well. TTC is hard, but you can get lots of support in here. Good luck!

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    When you say ttc, does that mean just unprotected sex? Or cycle tracking? OPKs? Cutting down on alcohol, cigarettes etc? More Mediterranean diet? Sex every day, every other day or at weekends? Lots of variables here.

    Even with tracking, daily sex and diet adjustments, sometimes it does just take longer for no good reason. I hope it isn't too much longer for you.

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    If you have been on the pill for any length of time, it can take upwards of a year for the effects to full leave your system. I knw six months feels like a lifetime but it is almost on the quick side for half of us. Twelve months seems to be standard before looking at other options (in my limited experience). I know all but one of my friends, has taken 12 months almost to the day.

    There are a number of options though. Maybe start the ball rolling with your gp about a fertility specialist referral because it can take a while to get in to a good one if that is something you are considering.

    Good luck.

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