thread: Ttc #2 cm?

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    Jul 2016

    Ttc #2 cm?

    Hey guys,

    My husband and I are TTC for our 2nd baby and i never really paid attention with my CM last time i fell pregnant with my DS.

    I went to the bathroom and my CM is stretchy, globby like rubber but then when i went back to the bathroom it was shimmery and wet on the toilet paper.

    Could this be a sign i'm entering my fertile window?

    Note: I have PCOS so i'm unsure when i ovulate or even if i do. My husband and I BD every second day so hoping i can catch the egg (if i do ovulate). I dont really chart and i haven't used OPK's.


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    Re: Ttc #2 cm?

    For me that would be a sign I was coming up to my fertile period. Then the day I ovulate I always got quiet strong ovulation pain.