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Thread: TTC and TWW buddies?

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    Red face TTC and TWW buddies?

    Hi all, First time writing on here and trying for first.

    I'm 9dpo and have a strong feeling about this round. Its our 2nd month trying and was hoping for a jedi baby ( may the 4th hahaha ) but it seems like I O'd earlier than expected. I've had a few symptoms like sensitive nips and a pulling sensation on my left pelvic area which is new to me. I am one of the lucky ones that don't get cramps or pain or mood swings when AF comes, just increase happiness, hunger, sore breasts and lower back aches. It is now a week before AF is due and around this time the sore breasts start to happen though im getting nothing but sensitive nips and them feeling fuller without the pain? I'm hoping it's a good sign but don't want to get too hopeful.

    I've been tracking every detail on an app on my phone and I'm very in tune with my body and alot of things are happening that's never happened before. I'm probably going to test tomorrow morning (10dpo) then again at 14dpo and once more when AF is due.

    Anyone wanna be TWW buddies?

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    Magnificent May 2WW Thread
    Magnificent May 2WW Thread

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    Hi Geekly and Welcome!

    We have a TTC forum HERE . It's an active thread at the moment (last post wasn't too long ago) so jump in and say hi

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