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    Hi, so my last period was the 25th March. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend multiple times this month but we have now split up about a week ago. I slept with somebody else on Saturday night and today (Monday) I have a very very faint line on a cheap pregnancy test. Now I am pretty sure if I am Deffo pregnancy my ex would be the father? is there ANY chance the faint line could be from the 2nd person? if I am I NEED to be sure it's my ex. Am I right in thinking it wouldn't be possible to of got pregnant on Saturday and a test show positive two days later? Tia - very stressed x

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    You can be 100% confident if you already have a positive test even if faint that your ex boyfriend will be the father.

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    This morning I've had a negative!! so confused 😫 yesterdays line was really faint! but I've heard that doesn't matter? but then today there's no line at all?! x

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    My doctor has told me that faint lines still count. I'd go to your gp and get a blood test to be 100% sure

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    Blood test is the easiest way to confirm. Could yesterdays positive have been an evaporation line?

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    absolutely it will be the baby of your ex... have you tested again?

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