thread: Sports day tears !!!

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    Sports day tears !!!

    I was at sports day today and both my primary age girls did well in there running race no winners not that im bother but they were. I went over to there colour house tent to say good by and what I say broke my heart. DD 2 was sitting by herself upset as she didnt win her race and DD 3 sitting on the opposite side of the tent upset for the very same reason. Win or lose I don't care and never put pressure on them but what I saw was the pressure they put on themselves that I didn't know was there & what also bothered me was that they were no sitting together they could not have been further apart both upset both sitting with no friends no support nothing , I brought them both together had a chat trying to get them happy about the effort that they did make and to encourage them to sit together but they were not intrested and no sooner had a turned my back DD 2 was gone leaving DD3 all by herself it brings me to tears to think the neither one of them want to be with each other to be supportive of each other let alone sit with each other .

    What or how can I bring the bond back between them !


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    oh, that's so sad.

    are they supportive of each other at home?