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    I feel lost & scared. DD & I had an argument yesterday over something really silly. I'm embarrassed to admit that I slapped her on the arm. Tonight, she asked OH if he considers this abuse. She is coming out with 2 stories that make me sound like a monster!! 1 of them being i slammed her up against the wall & almost choked her 😑 this is freaking me out as I'd never do such a thing in private let alone in public! so i dont know why or where this is coming from. Im scared to talk to anyone incase im judged & docs get involved.

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    I don't think you have anything to worry about.
    My daughter still goes on about my husband punching her in the face. I was present and he did not do any such thing. She actually hit him in the back when he turned around and when he turned back to her she took off and ran into the door jam in her haste to get away. This was a few years ago now but she still insists DH punched her despite the fact the incident was witness by DH, our 7yr old and myself.

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    teenagera are terrible. my sister still believes a certain chain of events happened a specific way, 15 years later!

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