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    Kitchen gadgets

    How many gadgets do you have in your kitchen and do you use them all?

    We have a tendency to go through stages - we'll buy something, use it a lot and then store it in a cupboard until we sell it in a garage sale or throw it our. Things like a pie maker, sandwich maker etc.

    We got rid of things when we bought the Thermomix, but we still have gadgets we don't really use. I have a Kenwood I rarely use, but don't want to get rid of it: 1) it was a wedding gift, 2) I will occasionally drag it out for whipping cream or egg whites, and 3) it's kind of expensive.

    I have a dehydrator I don't use. It was a cheapy and doesn't work well. I didn't want the spend the money on an expensive model and not use it, but it turns out I don't use the cheap version because it's useless.

    We also have a kettle, toaster and coffee pod machine, which are used almost daily.

    I now want to buy a donut maker, just because I'm currently craving donuts but want to make my own GF, healthy versions. I know it will be a phase, so I'm not going to spend much - maybe $20-40.

    Looking at catalogues has made me realise what a lot of useless rubbish there is to fill a kitchen with.

    What do other people have? Do you use them?

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    My grandfather used to buy our family a kitchen appliance every year as a Christmas gift. We had pie makers, omlette makers, grills, milk shake maker and pop corn maker and many more!

    Now I am the happy owner of a thermomix and I also regularly use kettle, toaster, coffee machine and pop corn machine. Pop corn is such a cheap and healthy snack for the kids that I actually bought one after I was sick of my kitchen smelling like oil from stove top popping.

    I had an icecream machine and also an iceblock maker but gave both away as we never used them. DH uses our sandwich press a lot but I can never be bothered to get it out of the cupboard.

    Gadgets I would like include an apple segment cutter/corer. And possibly one of those things that cut veges into spirals.

    A suprising one is a zig zag cutter I got as a gift and thought I'd never use but I often cut up veges with it or let my DSalmost 4 use it to cut soft veges.

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    I forgot we had a milkshake maker. Got rid of that too when we got the TMX

    I still make popcorn on the stove, but I use ghee. Doesn't smell as bad as oil.

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    Popcorn maker
    Coffee machine
    Milk frother
    Food processor/blender
    Jaffle maker
    Icecream maker
    Slow cooker

    Hmmm I think that's it? We don't use the slow cooker, juicer, icecream maker or jaffle maker

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    The popcorn maker, cause it is just easier to buy microwaveable popcorn. The donut maker, it makes tiny donuts though. I have a huge section in my linen press that is dedicated to stuff I've never used, but they've been wedding presents etc. I went to get rid of stuff once and my mum said "You'll have parties and stuff one day and you might need some of that" I think I have used 3 or 4 things since then LOL. I even have a box of odds and ends cutlery. I have my fair share of tupperware gadgets as well.

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    Forgot about the slow cooker too We actually use that though. We used to have a juicer - it was a nightmare to clean.

    I like things that can go in the dishwasher.

    Kat - do you use the donut maker much? How small are the donuts?

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    I haven't used it in a good 12 years. I will take some photos and put them on FB for you.

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    I'm pretty sure if you haven't used something in 12 years, it's OK to let it go

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    They are uploading now. If you want it I will give it a bit of a clean up.

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    That's OK. Shipping will cost more than buying one - I'm just after a cheap one

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    No drama. I shall go shove it back in the cupboard for another 12 years LOL

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    It can be a homewarming prezzie for one of the kids

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    I think they want robots to do all their cooking by the time they've moved out

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    An icecream maker we use every weekend or two. Making strawberry with balsamic syrup today actually, my favourite!

    A blender we use every morning for breakfast smoothies.

    Toaster that basically never gets used anymore and which sucks anyway, burns even on lowest setting.

    Stand mixer we use fairly often, weekly if not more.

    Slow cooker that is a family heirloom which gets used probably fortnightly. Should use it more, we just aren't good at planning ahead! Plus usually have our main meal at lunch time.

    Food processor that we don't use much at all. Thought we would but it is actually kind of a hassle more than a help lol.

    Think that is it. We got rid of our microwave about 6 months ago. I miss it a little for reheating things but our gas stove is pretty quick still.

    ETA: oh and kettle, I forget because I don't drink hot drinks but DP uses it every so often.

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    We have a Kenwood mixer along with the usual attachments - use it frequently but there are some stages where we don't touch it for weeks.

    Sandwich press - use it all the time! Probably half a dozen times a week on average.

    Coffee machine - lots I'll make 3 or 4 per day and if I have friends around then it gets a work out!

    Toaster and kettle - the usual amounts.

    Slow cooker - once per week.

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    I use them all. I don't like cupcake/pie/doughnut makers though. I'd rather buy a tin!

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    Ones I use heaps are tmx and George Foreman grill. Slow cooker and popcorn maker as well but less so. My mandalin slicer gets a lot of use but I have a really crap one. Soda stream got lots of use til it broke

    I own an electric fry pan but I only ever use it for chow mein lol I just prefer it in that. I have a dehydrater too but don't use it much.

    Every thing else ive got rid of. (Electric beaters, stick mixer, coffee machine, food processor, omlette maker, jaffle maker, I'm sure there was more)

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    I have a kettle but can find the bottom half! I use my popcorn maker weekly now we have kids before that maybe once a year. I use my mixer a lot and also the blender. I don't use my food processor or slow cooker and we recently got rid of our juicer. I have a stick blender but font use it much as its not as powerful as my last one. Would love a tmx but they cost so much.