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Thread: Kitchen gadgets

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    Yeah, the fake butter flavouring is full of nasty numbers, and the non-stick lining in the bags has a chemical which is confirmed to be toxic when inhaled, and is believed to come off on the food when heated, and therefore gets ingested with the hot popcorn... try googling 'microwave popcorn oprah' for an easy to read run-down.

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    We do our microwave popcorn in our microwave rice cooker, or a casserole dish with the lid askew. Just make sure you get microwaveable corn kernels as the 'normal' ones don't work....

    I also forgot out electric wok, rice cooker and electric frypan.... Does a pasta maker count? Not electric, but still a gadget I suppose!

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    Slow cooker, use regularly.
    Pressure cooker (stove pot) don't use so much as I prefer slow cooker, and it tends to get food stuck to it.
    Blender, use every few months.
    Stick whisks, use whenever I've got to beat something.
    Stick blender, mainly used when making baby food lol.
    Bread maker, haven't used for a few months. But I do like using it to make dough.
    Sandwich press, use it nearly every week.
    Cake mixer, was a hand-me-down from MIL but I've never used it.
    Toaster used every few weeks.
    Kettle used daily.
    Electric frypan, haven't used it in years.
    Soda stream, dh uses it every couple of months.
    Microwave, used regularly for defrosting, cooking and reheating.
    Might have an old popcorn maker around that was dh before we got together. But if we do haven't used it in over 8 years lol.
    Just got given a yoghurt maker by SIL, but haven't used it yet.
    Rotisserie, used in the warmer months when family come around. So not often, but enough to render it useful lol.
    Electric knife, rarely used.

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    Daily - toaster, kettle, digital radio
    2-3 times a week - espresso maker, multicooker (slow cook/pressure cook) bread maker, food processor/blender/juicer
    Weekly - popcorn machine
    Fortnightly - stand mixer

    That's it. We get rid of anything we're not using. I did have a pie maker for a while, and I used it a lot. They're actually pretty versatile.

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    Daily - toaster, kettle, Thermomix
    Fortnightly - Slowcooker, stick blender

    That's it - we had a food processor which got rid of when got the Thermomix, but having a tiny kitchen and not that much interest in cooking never had much. The Toaster and Kettle are the only things purchased with real money, the slowcooker I won in a raffle, the stick blender and old food processor bought because we had points from work in some reward scheme to use up. The TMX was a gift.

    Reading this thread I think we have done well (as in minimizing appliances) because we never got engaged and didn't have much of a wedding, and don't really do presents, so haven't been given any kitchen appliances apart from the TMX.

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    Used daily: kettle, hob, fridge, freezer.
    Used often: microwave, oven, toaster, dishwasher, washing machine
    Used frequently: George Foreman grill, herb chopper, slicing gadget, cheesie toastie maker, apple cutter, slow cooker
    Used occasionally: mixer, blender, egg slicer
    Used rarely: pestle and mortar, coffee maker (used to be 3-4 times a week, need to get back into that habit!), tumble dryer, biscuit maker

    I would like a bread maker.

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    Daily: Coffee machine, milk frother, microwave, oven, thermomix.
    Weekly or several times a week: toaster, kettle, rice cooker
    Less frequently: slow cooker, sandwich press
    Rarely: food processor, stick blender, ice cream maker, ken wood.

    Everything in the rarely category I want to toss/sell.

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    I have coffee maker i seldom use this esp when coffee shops boomed lately. i just go to starbucks or any coffee shop if i want one

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    Default Re: Kitchen gadgets

    Seen as I'm lusting after a new appliance, I actually went through our cupboards again to see what we have. Last year I did a massive clean out and got rid of things we never used eg juicer, magic bullet (what I can remember)

    Aldi coffee machine and milk frother - used multiple times a day
    Toaster, deep fryer and sandwich press - used every second day
    Kettle (stove top one not electric) a small handheld electic mixer - used a few times a week
    Slow cooker, pie maker, used probably once every 6 months (I'm thinking of getting rid of the pie maker)
    Electric wok and brenchtop grill thing currently never used (use to years ago in another house) so think I'll pass them on...

    Oh I forgot, we also have a power wave thing, which was getting used fortnightly cause it makes a mean roast pork, but the last couple of times DH has been doing the pork in the oven and seems to have perfected it, so don't know if he will still use the power wave.

    We use our microwave, oven, grill and stove top daily to second daily.

    I'm thinking of getting a kenwood cooking chef...=)

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