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Thread: The BellyBelly Body Transformation Challenge! Results are in!

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    Default The BellyBelly Body Transformation Challenge! Results are in!


    It is with real pride that I post these results.

    The girls that have been involved in this challenge over the past 3 months have all been legends.

    They have all shared their ups and downs. They have celebrated successes and supported one another through the low times.

    The results are amazing.

    % Weight Change CM's lost
    Sconeonamission 8.73%
    Krysallys 6.10% 18.50
    Maz 4.96% 13.00
    AmandaJ 4.10% 23.50
    Ali 3.54% 37.00
    MollyCat 3.50% 22.00
    Lilias 3.07% 14.00

    I would especially like to congratulate Ali, AmandaJ and Lilias, who have sent me their results and measurements religiously on time every single week, without fail. This, in itself, is a mark of true dedication to the business of getting healthier!

    Girls, I have not been as present as I would have liked. As you know, my Mum has been poorly. But I want to thank you all for all of your efforts, and your kind words. You have kept me on the straight and narrow! And over the past 3 months I have, after 26 years, finally given up smoking for good, which has been my challenge, which I have achieved.

    If we just keep plodding away and making the right choices daily, we WILL get healthier!

    Eat less, move more, and love life.

    Girls, this thread is now your own to continue your chatter in.

    I wish you all the best of luck now that the "official challenge" is over. The real challenge lies ahead.

    Keep challenging yourselves, and if anyone wants any help with anything, please pm me?

    Thanks girls.........xx

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    Woo hoo! Good work everybody! and thanks for all of the organising Lucy!

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    Lucy, you are a legend good on you for giving up smoking and especially through such a trying time.

    Yay for everyone else, you have all done so well.

    I can't believe that I've lost 23.5cms total that was a shock to see, but I'm so happy to have so many helping hands to help with the ups and downs.

    hugs xoxo

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    Lucy- I just wanted to thankyou for all your hard work over the last few months, especially with your own things going on! You have been a wonderful inspiration to me, and I really hope that next year I will be in the same position to come in and motivate others.

    Congratuations to everyone for getting through through the challenge, I hope everyone feels fitter, healthier and happier- I know I do!

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