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Thread: cal/kj control while breastfeeding?

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    Default cal/kj control while breastfeeding?

    I'm still about 10kilos above my normal weight, since having my baby almost 2 years ago! This last 10 won't budge in spite of exercising, eating right (I do have a major case of munchies though which I put down to breastfeeding)! Can anyone tell me if it's ok to limit kj intake while breastfeeding, and what would be the limit? I intend to continue bfing my babe and don't want to compromise that, but I so want to get rid of at least a few more kilos!

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    I did a bit of research into this when I decided to try to shift some weight when DS was a few months old. Generally around 1800-2000cal per day is recommended while breastfeeding.

    Initially I stuck to this but the weight wasn't coming off - so I cut down to about 1500 I think and the weight then started to shift. It didn't affect my milk supply but I was watching it very carefully and I had I thought it was I would have stopped immediately.

    As soon as I'd lost the few kilos I wanted to I went back to regular eating and I haven't put the weight back on - I think I'll have to be careful once DS weans though.

    As long as you're sensible about it and lose the weight gradually you shouldn't have a problem. It's only if you go on a crash diet and drastically cut your kj's and lose a heap of weight quickly that you'd risk supply issues.

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    Hi. My sister does weight watchers and she is breastfeeding. She said its great.

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    I've just started Weight Watchers and they have a Breastfeeding plan. You get about 30 points a day which is heaps, I often can't eat that much.


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