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    Default Calorie King question

    I am using Calorie King to help lose those last pesky baby weight kilos that just won't seem to budge..

    Probably an obvious question What is the "ideal" % of calories from fat, protein & carbs ? I can see where it sets my targets in grams, but I am not sure how these relate to the percentages calculated based on what I have eaten...


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    Not sure exactly waht your wuestion means but I might just be having a pregnancy dumb moment.

    If you are meaning how many calories do you need to have to lose weight?? Then i would say approx 1200. having said that if you are breastfeeding you may need more. Try and get most of your calories from protein and healthjy low gi carbs and minimal from fatty foods.

    Someone liek Combat Queen might know more as she is in the industry.

    Hope that helps

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    Yeah, I re-read my question and I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense...

    o.k lets try again.... When you enter your food diary onto Calorie King it then calculates the percentage of calories consumed that are from fat / protein & carbs i.e. of the 1,200 calories consumed 30% are from fat, 50% from carbs etc...

    I was wondering what I should be aiming for in terms of how much fat, protein and carbs I should consume *as a percentage of calories consumed* as this is what is shown on Calorie King..

    Gosh I am confusing myself - I hope that kind've makes sense to someone!?! hehe

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    Its o.k - I have figured out how to show the grams of fat, protein & carbs so I can ignore the "percentage stuff" which was confusing me..

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