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Thread: Conquering the afternoon munchies...

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    Default Conquering the afternoon munchies...

    Hi. Ive recently had my 2nd baby (he's now 11 weeks) and Im wanting to get serious about this weight loss thing. Before I gave birth I was 137kg (ewwww.....can't believe I've admitted to that!). Im now about 124kg, and have made my goal 100kg,for THE YEAR. I know I'll still have a way to go, but I want to be realistic, and not put too much pressure on myself, because if I do Im headed for failure. Anyway...atm Im breastfeeding, but may start to wean in the next month or so, because Im finding Im really hungry, and basically I'm ready to have my body back to myself. In regards to my weightloss, Im loosly following WW bf plan, and tracking online. Im trying to get in some walks, and am definitely beginning to feel a difference in my fitness levels, but Im really struggling to get through the afternoons without picking. I find Im always at the bikkies, and figure its because my sugar levels get a bit low, and Im looking for energy. The afternoons are also my most stressful part of the day, as the kids start getting do I get past this bad habit? I feel I do so well the rest of ther time, but Im letting myself down in the late afternoons.
    Any ideas??? How do you beat the late day munchies??

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    Hm... I have a diet plan that I follow - and I allow myself to have breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and after dinner snacks.... this way I never feel as though I am going without or not eating for long periods of time so I just grab anything when I'm in the middle of "hell" hour

    I think some of my afternoon teas are:-
    Crackers with reduced fat cheese
    Strawberries and diet chocolate mousse (yummo!!)
    Any other fruit... umm.
    Another good one is popcorn if you have one of those air popper thingys - just pop up a huge batch, separate it into little bags and munch on those throughout the arvo.....

    Thats all I can think of so far...

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    I have a new fav snacky food. great for summer. good for kids too.

    chop an orange into 6 pieces, can do 12 smaller piece for little kids.
    chuck it in freezer.

    suck on them like an icy pole. because they are frozen they take awhile to eat. very refreshing too.

    i like air dried popcorn too but is too easy to eat, and i eat too much without noticing.

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    Hi Beaksie

    Good on you for setting yourself a realistic weight loss target!

    I find that by having a large portion of protein, like chicken/tuna/tofu etc and cutting down on the carbohydrates (bread) at lunchtime helps to get me through sugar cravings and that tired feeling that creeps up at 3.30pm. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegies (I think the minimum is three cups a day), cut down on caffeine and you will start to feel really clean and energised soon.

    The other thing I've started to do to overcome the HUGE chocolate addiction I developed when pregnant is to do the grocery shopping after eating a really healthy breakfast and reminding myself of my goals. It is easy then to avoid buying the choccy/bikkies/chips during the shop so I don't have them in the cupboard. When the craving comes round I either have to ignore it or get the baby, the pram, get in the car, go to the shops etc. And I usually can't be bothered with that!

    Also, look for low GI foods - they keep you fuller for longer and reduce the need for sugar.

    Best of luck!

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    I was going to suggest something low GI too. Bickies wont fill you up (I should know - I get into them regularly too!) but you could have a low fat milkshake (say, with banana and yoghurt rather than flavouring and ice cream) or maybe a low fat tub of yoghurt. You could pre-prepare some healthy afternoon snacks so that you don't have to go to any effort. (Perhaps a little portion of unsalted nuts and dried fruit, or carrot sticks or something.) If the weather's not too hot, a cup of instant soup can hit the spot too.
    All the best! After this baby, I'll be joining you all in this...

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    Hi all
    I have major afternoon snacking habit, directly triggered by low blood sugar cos I am sleep deprived but I am also an emotional eater. I tend to be desperate for an unhealthy snack when I am stretched and in huge demand from the kids.
    Has anyone discovered this one in the arvo when the kids are feral and its just all go and not enough down time for mama? What do you do?>

    Like the snack ideas. Will try the fruit smoothie, frozen oranges etc...
    Thanks - I will keep my eye on this thread.
    R xo

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